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  1. Hi there,

    Since upgrading to 4.8.15 I have this strange behaviour that whenever I click my right mouse button on either Stylus or mouse to change brush size it instantly pops to a radius of either 0 or 500. Same goes for intensity, snaps to 0 or 100 depending on direction I move my mouse. I didn't find a solution myself, even resetting everything to default didn't help. Anybody else has this issue?



  2. Hi there. The workflow at the studio I am working at dictates to mock up sceneries in a 3D application such as C4D, Maya etc and then refine assets as suited by artists. Therefor it would be of great help when using applink to transfer scene into 3D Coat to not only import the geo but the camera(s) as well to get a better understanding of where detail needs to be applied.

    Is that possible?