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    Slow and laggy UI and sculpting

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help Unfortunately any of suggested solutions didn't help. I tried the latest beta build without any improvement. Updating my tablet driver (Huion, I don't have Wacom tablet) didn't help also. I will try to uninstall Huion drivers completely and another drivers for mouse etc. as it looks like input related. Or maybe is my system broken in some way. I will try to investigate further.
  2. mathef

    Slow and laggy UI and sculpting

    Thank you for your time Digman The problem will occur in both versions of 3DC - 32bit and 64 bit. Lags are present in every part of the program even without any model. I am attaching a gif where the problem is visible at new document menu. As you can see the rollover effect of menu items has big latency when a mouse cursor is rolling over them. When I am trying to navigate in the viewport in a scene with a basic sphere, the problem is even more evident. I have nvidia drivers updated - 384.76.
  3. Hello fellow sculpters I am trying demo of 3D Coat and its interface is very slow and laggy. I can't sculpt and even browsing menus is very unresponsive. Problem occures in DX and also OpenGL version. My computer specs: Intel i7 2600K, 16GB ram, nVidia 980 GTX, Windows 7. Thanks for any help and have a nice day.