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  1. Quick update on my earlier blend layer post - it turns out the problem is only when I am painting on an object directly on top of a shader - like a skin shader or default clay. If I create a new layer, fill it with colour, the layers above it blend fine. This is on both Mac and Windows.
  2. Hi In 2021.22 the blend options do not work - I do have a video, but I am at the maximum upload limit for posts. Modulate and multiply cause the layer to vanish (to be clear the layer does not vanish - the mode makes the contents of the layer vanish as if fully transparent), the other blend modes just act as standard blend. Thanks
  3. Hi @Andrew Shpagin, I can confirm that 2021.21 has solved the voxel mode issues for me, many thanks!
  4. Hi @Andrew Shpagin I tested 2021.20 this morning and voxel brush mode is much smoother for the voxel brushes - the performance issues have gone i.e. 4mn triangles is no longer an issue - but the base brush tool still has the performance issues and the mesh still disappears after you finish a stroke and try to a make a new one (as per the videos I sent previously). Although performance has improved for the voxel brushes, strange things still happen more often than not when stroking - as per the video below. Cuda was off below, but same issue if cuda is on. Also, the fall-off setting for brushes no longer has any impact. Thanks, Oli 3Dcoat 2021.20 2021-08-04 06-59-00-1.m4v
  5. Hi. Since a sculpt layer seems to be destroyed if you bake onto it, or even fill it with the paint bucket tool, could it be possible to add a warning before changing the sculpt layer with a non sculpt action? Or automatically colour code a layer with a sculpt data to make it clearer? Thanks
  6. Hi @Andrew Shpaginbase brush is still causing issues in the latest build and the same problem with some other voxel brushes like 2d paint. The object disappears in viewport, terrible performance and then can be brought back into the scene via increasing the resolution of the object. Voxels are unusable on my machine at the moment. Thanks
  7. Yes, it is slower for me as well, decimation too. On the decimation point, with auto retopo it would save so much time if the decimation result of the process is stored and can be reused if there is no change to the sculpt. If I tweak an auto retopo to get a better result, it is so slow to repeat the decimation again and again. It is slower than 4.9.72.
  8. In general, sculpt mode performance - regardless of cuda or not - is so much better than voxel. Cuda does make it worse however. On my system, 25mn triangles is no problem is sculpt mode, extremely smooth, but 4mn in voxels is really sluggish and not smooth at all. FPS is over 250 on voxel mode, it just is very jerky.
  9. @Andrew Shpagin I have discovered that if you click to increase the resolution of the sculpt layer, the missing object comes back - with more voxels - but then disappears again when you sculpt again. You can keep doing this again and again, with performance decreasing each time (even with quite low triangle counts). I am at my attachment limit, but I have a video to show you the behaviour. Thanks for all the hard work.
  10. Hi I have now tried with cuda off, but the issue is still there I am afraid - I have two recordings attached. One showing the error that the object disappears, the other showing that once a voxel object disappears you can no longer add one from the primative tool. Thanks, Oli 3DCoat 2021.12[floating, used 3 of 10] 2021-07-26 18-45-03.mp4 3DCoat 2021.12[floating, used 3 of 10] 2021-07-26 18-43-57.mp4
  11. I have now tried version 2021.12 - the system no longer crashes, but the object just vanishes. Deletes when I use base clay. No warning, it just deletes. The triangle count goes to zero
  12. Hi Here is my windows build version - 10.0.19042 Build 19042, I believe it is upto date. The only change to my system (that I am aware of) has been the installation of the latest game ready drivers from Nvidia. BUT.. I've gone back over older versions and it is now crashing with earlier builds. 2021.6 manages to generate a crash report however, I have copied the text and added it to an attachement in this post. Thanks crash.txt
  13. Hi, the latest version (11) crashes almost immediately now in voxel mode - I have uploaded movie to show the issue. Add a primitive use a brush, the screen freezes and does not recover or simply crashes, as per video. This hasnt happened in earlier releases including the beta. Surface mode works fine BUT If I then change to voxel mode, it works for a second or two and then crashes. No crash report appears, it just coses. Thanks 20210725_184600000_iOS.MOV
  14. @Andrew Shpagin i've just tried build 02 and the problem is no longer there, I can now add models to the retopo and modelling rooms. Many thanks, oli
  15. @Andrew Shpagin hi Andrew, tried fresh install of 3d coat, restarted machine, I still cannot add a primative to the modelling or retopo rooms, only in the sculpt room. But my occlusion baking issue is solved by @Yousung - if I hide the sculpt room objects in the sculpt room, then calculate occlusion, it bakes fine and there is no longer any crashing - but to confirm, hide voxels in paint room has no impact on the issue. The object must be hidden in the sculpt room to stop the error and crashing. Same when baking lights. thanks
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