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  1. Not only that as I mentioned above, why even have to subdivide if geometry can be influenced by height data using tessellation? it can be high performance using distanced based tessellation and work like LOD levels changing the distance! I think UV smoothing would have to be automatic and in sync with initial tessellation level once initiated and smoothing groups could simply be done by brush. Andrew was confused as to why I was subdividing my model for PPP mode to paint with smart materials that have height maps and thought I should be using tessellation. If that is the preferred method and if it can super charge performance using distanced based tessellation, then we could *easily* work on 8 -16k textures! @Andrew Shpagin @AbnRanger
  2. @Andrew Shpagin instead of subdividing meshes when loading model for PPP, how about in the loading screen we have the option to switch to high tessellation with smooth mesh & UVs? If subdivision could be emulated to smooth the UV somehow then likely we can higher performance during painting. I know in the past you've mention to use tessellation when painting displacement with smart materials but there should be a tessellation level that is set on the loading screen with smooth mesh & UV to match the tessellation levels. This way during painting we might get higher performance and he brush radius always locks in project specific max tessellation level when hovering over an area to paint always ensuring to get pixel quality. So if the tessellation mode was *distanced based* and only on normals only facing the camera, and in camera view then it should make painting super fast at high resolutions? In the demo I can't set the project to use subdivision or even just import a model for 8k -3dcoat enters not responding but my 4.9 version works without problems.
  3. Just an update for @Andrew Shpagin , the crotch and other holes don't appear in other programs once exported, so that's a view port issue that should gets some attention to avoid feedback about having holes.. but the displacement spikes still have been visible in other programs like Marmoset Toolbag and iClone etc. It's kind of hard to paint if we can't see what or how something is painted. Perhaps there should be a note at least when people paint with displacement, warning that holes don't actually exist from painting and that the model will be fine once exported (if you choose not to fix the display issue) So here is a quick confirmation image.. but again I can't see that area that I'm painting how it will look and that is still a problem, it was a big crotch hole lol
  4. Just an update to prove the issue and a challenge to anyone that can prove me wrong. @Andrew Shpagin I wouldn't normally use Zbrush for painting displacement but this is to show that 3DC has a real problem. I find bugs in other programs often but it seems like this one keep getting ignored in 3DCoat so I want to show how obvious it is. Crotch holes isn't the focus here.. it's holes that appear in various places because 3DC brush seems to be too strict or restricting either based on topology curvature or zigzags in the UV/edge loops. So this is what I was talking about.. This is the same character in zbrush as my above example. The bear I created is also using the same model just morphed but i used neither program to paint displacement. Instead I painted the fur and turned it into a displacement in a 3rd party app.
  5. Try PPP mode painting characters with displacement.. and if you have a Reallusion CC3 character you'd be able to confirm it.
  6. Here is a bear I created in Zbrush (currently my modeling choice) and I painted it in Zbrush.. my choice would be using 3DCoat.. Zbrush doesn't create crotch holes and other holes unlike what would happen if I use 3DCoat.. it's using a CC3 Character , just like the character I shared with you @Andrew Shpagin to help identify the spikes and holes that are being created. I'm only making a reference to Zbrush to show that there is an obvious issue with painting displacement in 3DCoat that needs correction. So could you now help to fix your displacement painting system? thanks.
  7. To be clear, 3DCoat will only allow non glitchy displacement with UVs cut out on straight lines, it doesn't like any staircase UV cuts like the purple sphere above and I have no idea why it wouldn't work in the butt area there unless maybe the angle is too extreme? The displacement spikes can arise from both staircase topology or staircases UVs.
  8. Displacement in PPP mode version (4.9.72) still has an issue with spikes on the extreme UV sphere I sent you. I don't know if you specifically managed to reduce the spike problem or if I just hit a miracle with ideal UV & mesh topology but it's not ideal for looser topology/sculpts meaning 3DCoat is too strict if models have to be this perfect to use displacement. This is a different sphere I'm testing out with the cleanest/simplest topology, setup with UV seams split perfectly straight, no zigzags, setup with 8K. In this image it is in low poly view with wireframe, the uv area is also shown off to the side. At the UV poles there are no glitches at least and the 8k textures seem to load much faster now! If you didn't make any changes that would change how depth is painted then I'd suggest you try out smart material displacement painting with less clean topology with Zig zags on the UV edge like the image of the purple sphere below. Perhaps if you didn't fix the displacement issue that currently the only way a UV or multiple UVs will work is that it is perfectly matched with non edge flow. The Character below is from Reallusion, it should work but it tears at specific areas. I'm showing you the hi poly displacement and what low poly looks like so you see the topology that 3DCoat is not respecting. I hope you can come up with a solution @Andrew Shpagin
  9. This issue seems to be project specific, adjusting and toggling depth is working on a fresh project.
  10. So with the latest version (4.9.72) in PPP mode toggling Depth has no effect, even reducing the depth level has no effect.
  11. @Andrew Shpagin thank you for the update! has a fix for painting smart materials using depth in PPP mode been resolved as well? This is that "Extreme UV sphere" I've shared that works no problem in Zbrush. The black spike coming out in this case is not from multiple of UVs but more so it looks like it is from a sudden T shape split rather than from a smooth S shape otherwise all the UVs would be effected. This same thing has happened on Reallusion's CC3+ Characters that are actually designed for displacement (I've shared to you on the forum inbox) and spikes arise due to hard edge topology. A Z shape or L seems to be too hard for 3DCoat, smooth contours is only what 3DCoat is currently compatible with. If you search my postings of characters having displacement spikes you will confirm that it's the topology creating the sudden artifact. This spike is not a glitch of 3DCoat's viewport.. I've exported models and have seen the same artifacts in other programs -Marmoset Toolbag & iClone.
  12. It's been a couple months, I gave Andrew (A PM) both a simple mesh (an optimized CC3 Plus character for displacement ) from Reallusion and a complex mesh (sphere) from Zbrush that is often used for wrapping seamless textures to create planets - to help solve this problem. Zbrush has no problems working with displacement on either model (does not create displacement spike artifacts) but I need to paint color and displacement with the smart materials. This issue doesn't seem to be logged in Mantra - was is it even looked at? am I so angry about this... I spent so much work time - at my own LOSS and helped 3DCoat to find this bug provided models to test and even details as to what the brush might be doing (getting mixed up potentially reading the black UV border as displacement info) It seems to be effected by zig zags in the topology, not necessarily on a UV seam. IS ANYONE FIXING THIS??? Help please!!
  13. Yes, it effects displacement too. There are several of us now that have brought it up to Andrew in various ways but for weeks now he doesn't address the issue and I think it's safe to say that this problem will exist in the 2021 version unless he does something about it now but at this time it looks like all support for 4.9 has ceased unless he's just in a rush trying to get 2021 version available. Many projects DEAD because of sudden paint glitches. From my experience , 3DCoat brush isn't error free on topology with a zigzag. Until this mess gets fixed I wont be upgrading and may instead go to Marmoset or Substance painter.
  14. I'm really finding 3DCoat unsafe to use for painting overall and it's very worrying about the future to upgrade if Andrew and his team can't solve the existing bugs like painting with displacement. I sent him an example sphere from Zbrush and Andrew said it was too extreme yet it works fine using it to sculpt and create displacement in Zbrush. Also CC3 Human characters created by Reallusion also tear at some areas, not necessarily seams but abrupt zig zags in edgeloops rather than equilateral quads. I'm thinking the brush and baking struggles with topology. I'm extremely annoyed by these bugs for over a year and a half.. they kill projects.. you start one and then a day or a week into it you find 3DCoat suddenly shows glitches. @Andrew Shpagin
  15. @Andrew Shpagin Just adding to what I said previously. The point of the sphere in the first place proves that displacement spikes exist.. all the UV islands may seem problematic but approximately 10 spikes manifested from that "extreme example" . Displacement can be sculpted and painted with other programs using that exact sphere without problems (Zbrush) for example but PBR painting is not Zbrush's focus and I'd like to work with 3DCoat's painting & smart materials etc. So again maybe if you could try to eliminate all error or incremental by a % of error if possible on something so extreme, the spikes are less likely to appear -better fix towards some than none.
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