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  1. Hello all, I made this character design for an upcoming game and would like some feedback before moving on. Still need to do a few details, retopo, rigging..etc https://www.artstation.com/artwork/baXW6g
  2. Psynema

    3D Coat 4.20 bugs...

    already did that. many times
  3. Psynema

    3D Coat 4.20 bugs...

    Just tried that, still has issues with things disappearing.
  4. Psynema

    3D Coat 4.20 bugs...

    Tried re installing but to no avail. Had a nightmare of a time: Voxel meshes disappeared after re opining the project file Retopo Mesh would have missing polygons then POOF, explodes into a garbled mess Then the numpad no longer works for camera angles Any hints? I've been using for almost 2 years and never saw it this unstable.
  5. Psynema


    Awesome. Baked lighting for the paint look?