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  1. well i have been slowly trying to improve me skills.. here is my latest work
  2. Been tinkering with 3Dcoat for a week or so now. decided to post my first worthy result. I built a simple poly mesh in another 3D app, then imported it to Coat for some additional sculpt and texture work. I am sure I have a ton to learn still and my skills are far from where I would like to be, but you gotta start somewhere.
  3. So I am trying to figure out why, when I create a basic primitive it's all jagged, This is even when using the default voxel sculpting start up screen with the cylinder, without adjusting any parameters, just opening the screen and pressing enter. The primitive looks correct on the left, but once I press enter or apply, the result is the jagged looking entity on the right? Same behavior running 3dcoatDX or GL? (4.8.03) 64bit on windows 10 Any ideas? I assume this is me messing something up... but can't seem to figure out what.
  4. Howdy all. Decided today was the day, and I am now the proud owner of 3d-coat pro. I am a hobbyist gamedev/artist, while most of my work has been 2d/vector, with a little experience in traditional 3D poly-modeling , but am looking to get into sculpting more. I just couldn't seem to get my head around zbrush where I ever felt comfortable with it, and after tinkering with 3d-coat, it seems like I may be a good fit for me. I have found some tutorials online, and looking forward to diving in, and learning more! - Method72
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