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  1. Peter_G

    Symmetry axis snap bug

    sigh... sadly thats not a fix. I'll just work around and export half and mirror in another 3D suite.
  2. Peter_G

    Symmetry axis snap bug

    ok, solved. ... ish... Toggling "Virtual Mirror Mode" off then on again reinitialized the symmetry and its working again. Thanks for that @Calosan.
  3. Peter_G

    Symmetry axis snap bug

    It is switched "ON". Should it be switched off? When I switch it off, I don't see the mirrored side, only the working side. Also, an update: If the VoxTree reference is hidden, symmetry works. It is only snapping to the axis plane when showing the ref.
  4. Hello guys, I love using 3D coat to retopo, UV and texture. I just have an issue on 80% of the models I work on with "symmetry". It will be working great, then out of nowhere later into the project it seems like all the polys snap to the symmetry axis plane... What causes this to happen, how can I prevent/stop it from happening and how can I fix the retopo after this happens. Once I turn off symmetry, the original half goes back to normal, but I can't use symmetry on it again unless I export, import. Did I just answer my question or is there another way? Thanks!
  5. Peter_G

    [Solved] Seam that won't delete

    Ok. So it's 2017 and I haven't seen an answer for this. I do have a sure fire work around but it can get tedious if the issue persists. -Export messed up mesh portion from 3D Coat. -Open .OBJ in preferred 3D program other than 3D Coat. -Clear seams, edge smoothing and face smoothing. -Export selected mesh without edge, normal or material information. -Import back to 3D Coat. The mesh should be one united piece again. NOTE: it might be beneficial to just do all the modeling changes you want before starting with the initial export in the first step. Save your UVing for last when you are happy with the mesh, as usual. Hope this helps someone. If anyone figures out the actual problem, please post it. -Pete