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  1. Any suggestions on how I fix texel density over a range of objects? Blender has as an addon ZenUVMaster where you can determine the texel density & it scales the UV's to match, how would I do the same so e.g. a brick texture is the same over any number of different sized buildings? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, Thank you for the reply. Here's the file tessa4.rar
  3. Hi, I created several UV Maps as shown, using the 'Add New UV Set' and moved the UV's over & made sure 'Export as UV tiles' box was ticked
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where the AO & Cavity map calculation has gone? - it used to be under the Textures menu. I am using 3DC-2022.46 Thanks
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply - I tried to do just that and couldn't get it to work. Created 2 x UV maps in 3DC for a character. Exported with UV sets as tiles. Sent it back to Blender (via Applink) and it would show only 1 map - I will try again as maybe I did something wrong in Blender - (still very much the Noob in Blender not much above the ol' donut tutorial however I have just discovered the abomination that is Blenders rigging layers)
  6. Hi all, Paint Room: It would be really great if you could import SVG's or EPS curves - maybe under the Curve Profile option in the Curves Tool? UV: Create UDIM's inside 3DC
  7. Hi, Thank you for the response. I was asking about creating UDIM's directly in 3DC - I saw this one, he creates the UDIM's in Maya & then returns to 3DC so I'm assuming the answer to my Q is No - in which case, I'll put this up as a feature request. Thanks again
  8. Hi, Recently moved over to Blender from Maya and having issues with UDIM's. Using the Blender Applink, if I create the UV's with UDIM's in Blender then ship to 3DC & texture everything is fine but and it's a big but, I much prefer to UV map in 3DC but how do I create (is it possible?) to create UDIM's in 3DC? In Blender it's not possible to convert multiple UV maps to UDIM's. Also, if I move the UV's over to what I think might be 1002, then when I go back to Blender that part of the texture is missing. The obvious answer might be to create UV's in Blender but here's me doing just that it!!
  9. Hi, Thank you so much, I would have never thought of that!!!!!. Converted several Bump texture materials that I was having issues with from greyscale to RGB - all working a treat. I wished I'd tried posting here sooner...I was so totally p**d off that I bought substance painter on steam - OMG! the totally janky way to add stickers/logo's to say e.g. graffiti to a brick wall whereas in 3DC it couldn't be simpler - assuming your brick bump maps are in RGB, that is ;-)
  10. They work if I create the smart material in the default directory but not when I create a folder (i.e Brick) and create the smart material - is that a bug or am I doing something wrong
  11. Hi, Yes, the bump you sent me does work in mine. What did you do?
  12. Here's a link to the full smart material https://drive.proton.me/urls/87P52B3M2M#3ZHpUiypzE9m When I install 3dcpack - awkward confession....I don't know where they go :-( so couldn't find the one you sent. Will try in a different format PS: thanks for all your help on this :-)
  13. The bump looks correct & I am using the latest version. This is just one of a whole host of smart materials normal/bump maps that I've created which are not working but others are and I've had the images in Affinity Designer to see if I could work out what the differences are and I can't see it. The textures work fine in both Blender & Substance Painter but not 3DC
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