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  1. Yes and no I have already studied this document and tried out different code-snippets from it, but not all were working as expected. So my concrete question (based on the docs): the following code-snipped should load an STL in Surface-Format - correct? //Import model cmd("$ImportForVoxelizing");/*Import mesh for "non-voxelizing"*/ //This is intended to press OK when user will be asked if scale should be kept SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallbackOk"); //ensure that model won't be voxelized SetBoolField("$VoxelSculptTool::MergeWithoutVoxelizing",true); //press apply button apply(); Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am new to 3D-Coat and want to create some scripts to execute some basic operations which I normally would have to execute manually. What I try to do is: -- i) Import Object(s) from STL ii) Convert "Surface" to "Voxel" with a distinct resolution (depends on object) iii) Subtract Voxel-Object(s) from each other iv) Export result to STL What I have done so far is something like this: void main(){ // next command is optional, just to keep control of execution in modal message boxes (see description of ModalDialogCallback below), if you are new you may delete or ignore next line //SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallback"); if(ModalDialogOkCancel("Create new project and import files?"," ")) { SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallbackDontSave"); cmd("$CLEARSCENE"); ToRoom("Sculpt"); string wMeshOne, wMeshTwo; if ( OpenDialog("*.stl",wMeshOne) ) { SetFileForFileDialogs(wMeshOne); cmd("$ImportForVoxelizing"); //cmd("$MERGEOBJ"); SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallbackKeepScale"); SetBoolField("Import w/o Voxelization",true); //SetBoolField("$RegularGizmo::MoveOnlyGizmo",true); apply(); cmd("$[Page4]Smooth");//select smooth just for testing } } } void ModalDialogCallbackDontSave() { cmd("$DialogButton#2"); } void ModalDialogCallbackKeepScale() { cmd("Yes");// or "$DialogButton#2" } Finally my concrete questions: * Which command should be used to import STLs as Surfaces? * How to programmatically convert them to Voxel with a certain resolution? * How to access the converted Voxel-objects and subtract them from each other * How to export the result to STL? A lot of questions, I know - I don't expect a ready-to-run script just some hints into the right direction. Regards, Reiner