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  1. Metin Seven

    Team Captain America

    Great character! After using 3D Coat for the base sculpt, what other tools did you use?
  2. Metin Seven

    Cold Shadow

    Great! I love the natural clay sculpt look.
  3. Metin Seven


    Cool work! Love the moody colored lighting.
  4. Looking forward to having a go at ProRender, but the Mac version will be available in December at the soonest. Odd, because Macs have only AMD Radeon videocards since several years.
  5. Metin Seven

    [Solved] Send retopo mesh to Sculpt room ?

    Great! Thanks, @Carlosan!
  6. Metin Seven

    Inflate option in Pose tool?

    Hi, I've recently bought 3D Coat, and I'm exploring this wonderful 3D tool. Coming from ZBrush, I miss a mask / selection option among the voxel tools, but discovered that the Pose tool is quite a competent alternative. I'm wondering now — Is there an option to inflate a Pose tool selection? That'd be very useful to expand areas along their normals. Thanks, Metin
  7. Metin Seven

    Repeat last stroke / action

    Thanks @Carlosan, very interesting video! I'm going to experiment with this. 3D Coat is amazing. I love the freedom of voxel sculpting, and the versatility of the tools and strokes, to name just a few of the many highlights.
  8. Metin Seven

    Repeat last stroke / action

    Hi, I wanted to add to this to the Feature Requests section, but somehow that section is inactive when I want to choose it from the section list for a new topic. But maybe the function is already there, so I thought to ask it here: Is there a 'repeat last stroke / action' function in 3D Coat? I use it a lot in ZBrush: creating one stroke and repeating it a few times to accumulate strokes along the exact same trajectory. Thanks in advance, Metin
  9. Metin Seven

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi, I've got beta 4.8.03 installed, and encountered some odd behaviour, but as I'm a 3D Coat newbie I don't know if this is related to the beta or not. My apologies if it's not. The issue is that when using the Constructor tool, the Smart Placement option doesn't work most of the time. It only seems to work in corners that have three surrounding sides. Some info: I'm using MacOS (High Sierra), graphics card = NVidia GeForce 780M with the latest NVidia Web drivers, and I've got some customized viewport controls (RMB = Orbit, Ctrl + RMB = Zoom, Alt + RMB = Pan). Thanks, Metin
  10. Metin Seven

    [Solved] ZBrush-like right-click navigation controls

    You're welcome, Kaa. Glad the info was useful to you too. Have a nice weekend, Metin
  11. Hi, I'm very new to 3D Coat, and the first things I'd like to adjust to make my workspace more familiar are the viewport navigation controls. I'm very used to ZBrush's right-click viewport navigation controls: RMB = Orbit Control + RMB = Zoom Alt + RMB = Pan When I use the ZBrush-like navigation preset, the above-mentioned controls don't work. I've tried to customize the controls, but entering the above-mentioned controls doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance. Regards from the Netherlands, Metin
  12. Metin Seven

    [Solved] ZBrush-like right-click navigation controls

    Ah, I found out how to do it. In Camera ➔ Customize Navigation, you don't type in the shortcut in the entry field (like typing "ALT+RMB", which I previously did), but you first click the Assign button, then perform the shortcut. It's also advisable to remove any double shortcut entries in the Customize Navigation list, because they can interfere with each other.
  13. Metin Seven

    Shiny Heart

    I thought so too! Nice to see you here as well, Frenchy!
  14. Metin Seven

    Shiny Heart

    Very nice! This quite reminds me of an artist at the forum of a certain other sculpting application. His name is Boozy Floozy there. In other words… Is that you, Boozy?