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  1. Hey, thanks that worked nicely - Just wondered if I could put in a suggestion for something in the future? I don't know if its possible but maybe a dialog box to choose how much to relax similar to the resample dialog? I feel that would be perfect to be able to use! Thanks for the help, Jon
  2. Hi, I've been having a problem with overlapping edges or faces when I use retopo via decimation - The tool works brilliantly for quickly preparing models for use in concept art but I've noticed it leaves a lot of parts where edges cross over other faces resulting in shading errors - See pictures below Is there a way around this?
  3. That worked, thanks a lot Carlosan!
  4. Hi, I used the pose tool to make changes to an object, accidently pushing its density to about 465 million! It crashed but when I try and load the file again it crashes to desktop. All my previous autosaves are doing the same. Is there any way I can get into the scene again and try to delete the heavy object, or is the scene fully unrecoverable now? Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi, I've been having an issue when using the closed spline, it doesn't seem to work with pose, cut off and split. I've made the selection, hitting enter either doesn't do anything or it draws a clear rectangle through my scene until I move the camera. All the other lasso and brush tools work fine except for the closed spline. Sometimes I can move the camera around to be able to hit enter to apply it but that doesn't work a lot of the time. Does anyone know a way around this? Cheers, Jon
  6. JonG

    Paint is stuck on erase

    Just a quick update, changing the brush type to lasso works well, but standard painting on the model doesn't Cheers, Jon
  7. JonG

    Paint is stuck on erase

    I exported the model and textures as .png and restarted, imported it for painting but the problem persists - Is that what you meant me to do? Thanks for your help though, I always appreciate it Cheers, Jon
  8. JonG

    Paint is stuck on erase

    Sorry to double post - It doesn't load in the materials preview window either, not sure its any help
  9. JonG

    Paint is stuck on erase

    Hi - Currently on 4.9.37 Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi all, I've noticed the paint material i'm using on my model won't paint any new material, it will only erase paint on the original layer or paint the first materail i covered my model with - i've tried making a new layer any checking all the boxes but no new paint is applied. I think i might be doing something silly but I can't work it out, can anyone help? Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi, I'm using version 4.9.17 and noticed the option to select "line" or "paint select" has disappeared from the pose tool options - I tried restarting as another user has already mentioned this on the forum but it is still not appearing. Is this a bug or has something changed in newer versions? Sorry for yet another new topic but I couldn't figure this one out Cheers, Jon
  12. Hi, I'm following this tutorial on how to use displacement textures in the paint room but I can't get displacement to work and I don't have the option for "Overall displacement Scale" in the smart material properties. This is the properties panel from the video versus mine below it. Does anyone know what I have to do to be able to use it? I'm on version 4.9.17
  13. I am yeah, but only have this on my bar