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  1. Okay it's happening again. When I hold shift down on the move tool, the cursor changes but it doesn't smooth anything. I've tried reloading the obj, restarting, restarting the computer but it's the same issue. When I first opened the program the smooth worked and then it didn't. Adjusting the amount of smoothing or changing the alpha has no effect. This happens all the time and it just comes and goes and I have no idea how to solve it. Any one ever have this problem or is it just me? 2018-10-09_02-22-47.mp4
  2. OH! I did notice the line changed from a v shape to a straight line, but wasn't sure how to change it back. Thanks!
  3. I was doing some retopology and was using shift + Brush to smooth out the polys when it just stopped working. I don't know if I hit a key that did something or ??? Is there way to get the smoothing option back?
  4. Took it over into maya and verified that the topo symmetry didn't automatically snap the verts together. How do I fix this?
  5. My background is as a ZBrush user and I use Maya for piddling stuff. I'm a sculptor not so much a modeler i.e. I ain't naturally inclined to the technical side of 3D. I'm trying to retopo but the center vertices are crap. They don't connect, or overlap, sometimes they're extra vertices/polys in the center where they shouldn't be. Symmetry is on, I've tried turning it off and on, quitting out of the program and restarting etc. Is there some magic button I don't know about it? How do I fix this? Also, is there an easier way to select and move verts? I keep getting the edges no mater what I do. Thanks in advance, J I have 3D coat 4.8.03 educational license
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