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  1. So what is the state of the plugin? Does it correctly work with C4D R20? And where is the most recent version? Thanks.
  2. Yes, if you activate spacing and enter a small value, it works good enough. Unfortunately the pinch tool works not clean whichever value you enter for spacing. But nonetheless thank you!
  3. There a videos which explain the material system of 3D Coat. I think this would be a good start. Some tutorials:
  4. Substance Painter has a layer approach not a node approach. Do you mean Substance Designer?
  5. It seems that is not a pinch problem, but how the brushes work. Here an example of the build brush. Although no spacing is used, you clearly see the alpha (a square). And there is no possibility to make it continues, even with spacing set to 1%.
  6. Are there some good alternative methods to achieve the same (except the obvious manual method)?
  7. Hello 3d Coat community, I started to use 3d Coat again and I am working on a a project of mine now. May I say, that I love it! It is really cool and powerful. Sometimes I discover so problems with the brushes. The pinch brush works not really clean when used with a curve (manual strokes are better). Look at the picture at the bottom. You see the pinch is not uniform at all. Spacing is deactivated on the brush (setting to zero, does not solve the problem). Can someone help me, please? I have a feeling, that this problem does not occur only with the pinch brush but with all brushes which work inconsistently. Hope someone has an idea.
  8. Nice! Looks like one straight from UT
  9. Hi, I was absent some time and have now downloaded a new version of 3DC. I must say, like the new curves. They are really powerfull (looking at ZBrush ;-)). Wanted to mention a minor point from UI design perspective. If you click on the curve button, the viewport is resized and the curve buttons appear. I think it would be nicer if the buttons are attached at the top of the view instead (pic1). This would insure that there is no "flickering" when the view is resized, because a resize of the view would not be necessary (pic 2).
  10. ZBrush has no such thing unfortunately. There are some workarounds, but really not as good as the curves in 3D Coat. You could use curve mode. But it is too unflexible and really annoying to use.
  11. Perhaps some pics would help more? When it looks bad, why not upping the polygon count. What is your target, game, film?
  12. You can create a new layer in painting room and set standard blend mode. Then any new paint stroke will overwrite the old ones if the new layer ist above the old one.
  13. Perhaps you have the fall creators update and you are using wintab drivers? They seem broken. Use Tablet PC drivers in the Preferences.
  14. Yes, it is not so fast but possible when switching to ortho. Personally I think there are more important things to consider. For example adaptive voxels or improving the brushes. That would be nice. I think it is better to improve the sculpting features and not to try to be better than some 3d apps. For this we have Maya and Co.
  15. The inner circle lets you transform in screen space (2-axis). So you can shift orbit in position and then transofrm with the inner circle. Or am I missing something ?
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