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  1. Nevermind, switching to WinTab fixed the input issue, and the brush setting fixed the opacity. Thanks, guys!
  2. Such a simple overlook by me. Sorry about that, thanks a bunch. I'm still having the strange input lag, however.
  3. Unfortunately, this didn't work, switching between both. I updated my driver to the newest version as well. Here is a gif with me performing a simple light pressure stroke. You can see that the opacity and radius are not changing and there seems to be some kind of initial input lag.
  4. So the issue is happening again, randomly. Turning the mouse to pen like above didn't help this time. I did a fresh install of 4.8.07 (Was using 4.8.04) and the issue still happened. No opacity or radius changes when pressured with my Wacom tablet. Again, I'm running Windows 10, and reinstalling the driver / resetting the Wacom service did not help. Any ideas? Thanks! (The 3D-Coat pressure tester has shown me inputting pressure, and it works fine with Photoshop).
  5. Okay so this is weird, I usually keep the same radius when painting so I keep that on mouse. I just turned it on, size and opacity started working again. So I turned it off, and now opacity pressure works. Strange bug, thanks guys!
  6. I tried last week, worked for a bit and now it's back to this again.
  7. Thanks a bunch, but unfortunately this did not work for me. Here's my painting room, if anything looks off.
  8. Hello everyone, The pen pressure for 3D-Coat has been randomly not functioning lately. It just has the default size, and no opacity no matter the amount of pressure. My pressure works on Photoshop just fine. For reference: Windows 10 Wacom Intous Pro - Latest Drivers 3D-Coat 4.7 (Broke after a while, switch to 4.8. Worked for a bit and now broken again). I have tried the following solutions. Upgrading program and drivers. Restarting PC. Deleting tablet preferences. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!
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