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    How to Easily Select Paint Object from 3D View

    @micro26 Ah yeah that is a good idea for the H key. And that is also a good work around man! I never thought of that for some reason haha. I will just keep maya up on my second screen! Would still appreciate a fix in 3DCoat itself though
  2. Francois

    How to Easily Select Paint Object from 3D View

    @Carlosan Yeah that video tutorial is not really helpful enough. Hiding all the polies around the object I want to paint might just take as long as trying to manually find the object in the Paint Objects tab and isolate it. I understand the H key is used to find the layers, so maybe a different key or something like Ctrl + H might be used? Either way I feel like hitting a button to find the corresponding Paint Object might not be too hard to implement. @vivi I don't really agree, Substance Painter can't even seperate objects so they are faaaaaaar behind in terms of the problem I am addressing in this post
  3. Francois

    How to Easily Select Paint Object from 3D View

    @houGenie yes exactly, I feel like something like this would be usefull @Carlosan Thank you for the reply but this does not solve my problem. It is not so much about not painting on the other objects, it is more about being able to view the object nicely from all sides. If you look at my example, there are a lot of small details that I would like to isolate and paint around them because they are reused in many parts of the scene from different angles. The way the cursor works is usefull and I use this function a lot but it does not solve my current problem.
  4. Is there a fast way to select a Paint Object from the 3D view? I want to single out a spesific object to paint on it, but finding it in the Paint Objects pannel takes way too long. I know you can hit H and it will automatically select a voxel layer but that doesn't work with paint objects. Is there a way to convert paint objects to voxel layers Another possible workaround would be if I can somehow see the Paint Object's name when I hover over it in the 3D view. Even naming the layers won't help btw because there are way too many of them.