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  1. Bump! Not sure if this is a Microsoft Issue, or a 3D Coat issue. Anyone else with a surface device having this problem? I tested this on a Wacom device, and couldn't replicate the issue.
  2. Turns out that the program seems to be registering the stylus as touch input. I hope this helps.
  3. Hello team! I'm hoping you can help. Using 3D Coat with a Surface Studio, and I am having some issues with the stylus. When I am in the Paint room, the stylus tumbles/rotates the view, instead of painting, and holding down the switch on the side for RMB, it paints sort of. However, when I use the LMB on the mouse it works, and can navigate the viewport normally. Any indication what I'm doing? Does this in both DX and GL version of the app. Chad