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  1. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Carlosan, Thanks so much for your valuable help with this. I also want to thank you for some previous help you gave me with doing an autoretopo. It worked perfectly and Coat's autoretopo worked very well for me. Thanks so much. Cheerio lululee
  2. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Yes, I can set the export settings. Should I use the settings your setting of 100? Cheerio lululee
  3. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Hi, I'm working with Daz Studio obj. They are very small and difficult to see in the retopo room. I have to zoom in very far and I am unable to get closeups. What is the best solution to seeing them larger? Cheerio lululee
  4. lululee

    Can I make changes to an existing 3d obj

    Thanks so much. I will give it a try. Cheerio lululee
  5. lululee

    Can I make changes to an existing 3d obj

    If I bring in the obj to the retop room it doesn't let me use any fo the tools on the obj. Do I have to do anything to get it to let me work on the obj. Cheerio lululee
  6. Hi. I have an obj model I made that I would like to split some rings and add more polygons to. Is it possible to alter geometry in 3dCoat? Cheerio lululee
  7. lululee

    [Solved] how to install multiple brushes

    Hi Emi and Carlosan, Thank you so much for your valuable info. You have saved me hours of time. Cheerio lululee
  8. Hi, I downloaded some brushes (3DC_Brushes_05.3dcpack) Do I have install them 1 at a time or is there a way to drop them into a folder together? Cheerio lululee
  9. lululee

    How can I keep my material zones

    Hi, I'm still very new to the current 3DC, I made a simple piece of geometry in the retopo room Exported it to UV Mapper and put some material zones on it (I used UV Mapper because I know how to use it) I would like to add some thickness and smoothing When I took it into ZBrush I lot all of my material zones. Is it possible to add some thickness and smoothing in 3DC while keeping my materials I want to finish it by painting it in 3DC. I appreciate all of your advice. Cheerio lululee
  10. lululee

    Can I use Substance materials in 3DCoat?

    HI Carlosan, Your ArtStation artist page is stunning. Cheerio lululee
  11. lululee

    Can I use Substance materials in 3DCoat?

    Hi Custodian, Thanks so much for the valuable info. Do you know of any good places to purchase 3DC smart materials? Cheerio lululee
  12. Hi Just got back into 3DCoat after some time away. Version 3 was my last version so I have now upgraded to the latest version. I am really impressed with the amazing growth 3DC has achieved. Hats off to Andrew and your entire team. I would like to purchase some materials for 3DC. My question is can I use Substance materials in 3DCoat? Cheerio lululee
  13. lululee

    Upgrade question

    Hi Carlosan, Thanks so much for your swift reply. Cheerio lululee
  14. lululee

    Upgrade question

    Hi, I've been away from 3DCoat for some time. I have Version 3 installed on 1 of my computers. I am upgrading to V4. I want to V4 put on a different computer. Do I have to remove version 3 from the other computer before I install V4 or can I have V3 on 1 computer and V4 on another. Thanks for your help. Cheerio lululee
  15. Hi, Coat version 35.19A I am having problems with move vertices in retopo. It works for awhile (around 10 minutes) then i can't move any vertices. If I reset the preferences to default they work for another 10 minutes. Any advice is appreciated. cheeiro lululee