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  1. Any advice on this problem? Cheerio lululee
  2. Hi, First, Thank all of you who have taken your valuable time to help me with this learning curve. What I am trying to achieve: I am working in Daz. I did a sculpt in ZBrush with the Genesis 8 model . Now I want to paint the model in 3dc with my ZBrush normal map. No problems with that part. The attached model is an grainy test render of a leotard I am working on. Because I cannot make seperate material zones on the on the Genesis 8 template I have to render in Daz with 1 geometry shell that is leather and a second geometry shell that is metal. Very clumsy and time consuming for the user and too much development time. A lot of my sculpting is done in ZBrush with masks. I want to use the masks because they are precise for my sculpts. In 3dc I am trying to: 1-fill a layer with smart material leather 2-add a new layer of smart material metal and use my mask show the metal masked over the leather. That should leave me with a material like the attached image. I am having problems getting the mask to work properly ( I think there may be something making it tile?) Also when I export with the "Export objects and textures" only 1 flattened layer on the bottom shows up, not the masked part. I did get a win using the freeze tool but I do not know how to use a mask with the freeze tool. I really need the masks because they are precisely where I want the metals to line up with my ZBrush sculpt. I hope this is doable. I really appreciate all of your help. Here is the link to my 3dc files www.moon-dragon.com/lululee/Testing/07-14-Lululee-Coat.zip Cheerio lululee
  3. Hi, That's what I did. You can see by the image "Here's all that shows" that it did not bring in the image with the mask. It only saved the flat image of the denim. Do I have to do something special to get it to save both? Cheerio lululee
  4. Hi, How to export textures. Now, I have the mask applied with the first method. When I export the the textures with either the "Export objects or textures" or "Edit all layers in external editor" Only the bottom layer comes in. How do I export the textures to keep the masks in place? Cheerio lululee
  5. Hi, Carlosan, Thanks sooooo much. I did get it to work once I changed the mapping. Hi AbnRanger I am impressed with the ability to use the freeze. I did not know what the tool did. Excellent video. I will experiment with this. I think this will be very useful and it really opens up a lot of possibilities. Thanks so much for all of your help. Cheerio lululee Cheerio lululee
  6. Hi, I apologize taking so long to get back to this. I was away from the computer. With all of your help I think I am getting close to understanding how to work with the masks. I still haven't got it to work but I think there must be a step I'm missing. I'm attaching some files. The first one shows the basic concept. Different smart material layers masked off. I did this in photoshop so you can see what I am trying to do. I put the mask in the mask channels in 3dc but they did not mask properly. I truly appreciate all of your help. Cheerio lululee
  7. I'm going to keep at this until I figure it out because I really like 3dCoat. I'll just have to watch the video a few more times. Thanks so much for all of your help. Cheerio lululee
  8. I find this is really confusing. I can't get it to work. To me this is a real drawback to texturing in Coat if one uses a lot of alphas. Cheerio lululee
  9. Hi Carlosan, I watched this tutorial a number of times. He is "painting" on the layers. I want to bring in a premade alpha mask so this is no help to me. Cheerio lululee
  10. added to make sure I get the reply notification
  11. Hi, I have an an opacity mask I made in Photoshop. I want to add it to a smart material so it only effects the parts I want to be effected by the mask. Can you tell me how to do this or is there a tutorial available? Cheerio lululee
  12. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Carlosan, Thanks so much for your valuable help with this. I also want to thank you for some previous help you gave me with doing an autoretopo. It worked perfectly and Coat's autoretopo worked very well for me. Thanks so much. Cheerio lululee
  13. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Yes, I can set the export settings. Should I use the settings your setting of 100? Cheerio lululee
  14. lululee

    Imported obj very small

    Hi, I'm working with Daz Studio obj. They are very small and difficult to see in the retopo room. I have to zoom in very far and I am unable to get closeups. What is the best solution to seeing them larger? Cheerio lululee
  15. lululee

    Can I make changes to an existing 3d obj

    Thanks so much. I will give it a try. Cheerio lululee