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  1. This video goes through the process of bringing in a premade spaceship using Addon Ship Wright into Blender and then converting this to a smooth detailed object. Once spaceship is created then I will be taking this into 3DCoat to use the Wrap Tool to create a rounded Sci-Fi Object. This tutorial will help to understand how to use many tools along the way to create some cool shapes. To follow along you will need shipwright however you can create another object in different means to bring this also into 3DCoat if needed. Please join me in the process. Let me know if this helps at all. Please understand this process is very intensive with the computer so there will be a lot of waiting for things. However, things you wait for are the best things.
  2. This is an image of a Sci Fi grenade that I created in 3dcoat and brought into blender for rendering https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NGVvAq
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    This is a new sculpt that I created this week of an Alien Scorpion. Modeling, re-topo and textured all in 3dcoat
  4. This is an Alien Scorpion that I have created in 3dcoat and brought into Blender for rendering. This is an asset I will be using in a scene that is off world and going to be animated. This was modeled / retopo / textured all in 3dcoat. alienscorp0001-0250.mp4
  5. This was mostly modeled in 3dcoat and then brought into Blender and used Design Magic to re voxel down this object and then decimate down and then to quad reremesher main object. Brought back into texture and render in 3dcoat
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