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  1. Just listened to this and it begins by explaining and going into the Vertex painting workflow as well.
  2. Thanks Carlos! I will learn both workflows. The Retopo/UV was fun to learn in the beginning tutorials.
  3. I have a beginner question about Retopo/UV. Is it necessary to retopo or/and UV after voxelsculpting if the final output is just for a stills image? (Not needing to animate in game engines.) Can you just go from Sculpt to Painting in the workflow and skip Retopo/UV? Thanks.
  4. Greg, thank you much for both of the Series from Scratch. Got thru them both. I wish you made more on Gumroad or something. Really enjoyed your pace/voice and attention to detail. These tutorials are still relevant coming 2018 starting out. Amazing. I think i have a gameplan with where to go from here. Want to learn in the right sequence and eventually build from a strong foundation.