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  1. Hey guys, Here's my Zipper spline object (see attachment). U can extract the .zip file to C:\Users\......\Documents\3D-CoatV....\VoxStamps\Splines. When u re-open 3DC, a new folder (called Ruud) will be added to the splines panel in the sculpt room with a custom icon for the zipper object (see image below). If u don't want a custom folder, just copy the zips content to your preffered folder, or move it to another folder within the splines panel (using right click). If u give it a try, please let me now what u think. Have fun with it! Grtz, Ruud Ruud.zip
  2. Owwww whoops, i was looking at the wrong directory, C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4.8.18 also has 3D-CoatV48\VoxStamps\Splines. Thanks for your help Carlosan!
  3. Hey Carlosan, Thanks for the reply. I've got it working but i can't see the newly created spline in the windows directory \3D-Coat-V4.8.18\VoxStamps\Splines. Am i looking in the wrong place or is there maybe a different way to export the spline. Thank you
  4. Hey guys, I've got a question about importing / exporting custom spline objects. For my latest project: character i wanted to use a spline object to create a zipper for use with the curve / snake tool. First i made a zipper.obj in c4d, saved it to the "\3D-Coat-V4.8.18\VoxStamps\Splines" folder and then adding it to 3DC using this: It worked although this option gave me no control about offsetting the object so the repetition was off. My 2nd attempt was importing the obj directly to 3DC sculpt room, then dragging it to the Curves panel. This worked quite well but i don't really understand the 2nd text line in the following popup: "Save object to Installation Folder/VoxStamps/Splines/". This sounds a bit like my first step but can someone explain this proces? At first i thought the file would be added to the folder by 3DC but it shows no new files. Here is my created shape. Once i know how to export it, i would love to share it with you: Looking forward to your reply
  5. Thanks Michaelgdrs!
  6. Sweet work. Ethereal is def my favorite skin!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a character that will be used for short animations in a company project. This is the sketch / concept: Currently I've made it this far: I used a capsule for the main body type and extruded simple arms and legs. Made a very basic shape of the jacket in the Retopo room. Imported it into the Sculpt room with the "Cloth tool" (great tool btw!) Smoothed the jacket to get rid of small folds (too realistic). I want to keep a cartoony look. Up next: Tweaking the jacket and adding details such als seems and zipper. I've got one workflow question for you. The character will be renderd in a Maya / Arnold scene. Concerning the highest detail / quality, do u guys recommend certains steps (for example use microvertex painting)? At this stage i'm thinking of sculpting all the detail, even the fabric. Lemme know what u think! Grtz Ruud
  8. Ruud

    Painting workflow

    Thanks for the reply digman!
  9. Ruud

    Mini Garden

    Thanks kenmo
  10. Ruud

    Mini Garden

    Haha yep that's the plan update: Chiseled some rocky texture.
  11. Ruud

    Painting workflow

    That is correct! Is that actually recommended at all?
  12. Ruud

    Painting workflow

    Hi guys, Need your advise concerning an optimal paint workflow (for smart-materials). Bare with me here :p Painting my scult-object with smart-materials generated an "AmbientOcclusion" + "CurvatureMap". Now i guess that it's probably better to start using the smart-materials after i baked for per-pixel painting? but then how do i get the best ao + curvature info after retopo for use of the smart-materials? Is there actually a difference between the "AmbientOcclusion" + "CurvatureMap" generated from the sculpt-object when i select a Smart-material and the AO that i can choose to calculate during the baking for-pixel-painting and calculating Curvature in the paint room? Also i noticed that my "CurvatureMap" from the voxel-painting object stays in my layers after the pixel-bake and that my "AmbientOcclusion" get's replaced by the newly calculated version? Are these the layers that my Smart-materials will use or do i need to calculate a new curvature for example? Thanks and sorry haha
  13. Ruud

    Mini Garden

    Hello everyone, I've just started sculpting on a mini garden / world for our new app. The idea is that the user can add plants and stuff on his own, like a mini garden kind of sim. For the base i used a torus geometry and started making the rough block-out with the Absolute tool. Next up: Carving rocks!
  14. Hello everyone, Maybe a stupid question but i'm experimenting a lot with the different sculpting tools and i was playing around with the stylus settings (depth, radius, opacity). Does the opacity actually work within the sculpt room or is just for the paint room? Thanks!