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  1. Great! Worked like charm. I have imported the model to Retopo room and then sculpted and then baked the normals and painted, all the UVs stayed on place. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! This has made few things more clear for me. However I have got another question that came to my mind. How can I sculpt the object that already has uv? For example, I have a model of the dog with UVs created before. I want to import it, sculpt the details not changing the main silhouette and then make the normal map out of this details. How can I do that? Because the only workflow that I have found so far was sculpt --> retopo+uv ---> bake ---> paint.
  3. Thank you, I will take a look, hope I will get the answers to my questions. I have gone through few tutorials already and they were a bit confusing.
  4. So, the shells are "hills and valleys" of the initial sculpted model? The shells are not the initial sculpted model and the retopoed model?
  5. I can't really understand the logics of baking the normal maps for painting after I made the retopology. I try to experiment with those shells now and I have sorta figured out why I am getting those black spots, but I can't understand why I can't paint over those black spots later in the Paint room. Why? Also I would like to ask how much should the retopoed shell be above the original sculpt. Or it should be all the way around?
  6. Yep, it works I made sure that q/w keys are not assigned to anything but to Inc/dec brush and voi la! However, I tried to assign [ key to Wireframe view and have got this crazy construction of symbols. The key works, but it makes me wonder what has happened.
  7. Hello! I would like to know how would I reassign hotkeys for increase/decrease brush radius. I am very used to the Q/W keys instead of [ ], but the possibility described as "press the END key and then reassign" just doesn't' provide me with the desired result. I thought about trying to search for the list of hotkeys stored somewhere in the abyss of my computer drive, but I cant find it either. I would appreciate any tips as this small, huge monstrous flaw in the workflow slows me down. Don't hesitate to bombard me with all of your infinite wisdom.
  8. Yes! This is it. I didnt pay attention to that box. Thank you, I knew it should be smth simple!
  9. Ehm... The problem is described more or less in the title of the topic. I cant paint with simple plain brush color once I've begun painting with material. It works another way around though: after I made the main color of my model I can add materials. After that I am stuck. I m a sure there is a box to tick or untick, but I have no idea where.