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  1. Did some digging can't seems to read an external file: void main(){ string settings_path = homePath() + "3D-CoatV48\\Scripts\\text.txt"; //get file path string info = ReadFromFile(settings_path); //read file ? }
  2. Nevermind , Droplist uses integers , missed that in the manual int Export; //create var AddDroplist("Export","a,b,c,d"); //make list if (Export==0) //if 1st then suffix="_color";
  3. Pretty new to scripting for 3d coat .Having trouble to get droplist selection working on click : AddDroplist("X","item1,item2,item3"); //Make a list ModalDialogOkCancel("",""); // Make UI , OK , Cancel if (Droplist X == Y && $DialogButton#1); // Do something when Y==item1 and OK button is pressed ??? Tried different ways , can't seem to figure out the correct syntax
  4. If you have few Materials ,Is there a way to check with a "for loop" each of them if they are locked or their visibility ? Found few commands to control that (GetUVSetName(1); GetMaterialName(1); LockMaterial(1,true);) , but is there a way to "query" ? (Sorry I come from MEL/Python , couldn't find anything)
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