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  1. Just found it. But to be honest, it's a bit weird to do instancer in the transform dropdown menu.
  2. Hello. I just started working in the 2021 version and I can't find "instancer tool" in sculpt mode. Has this tool been redesigned or moved somewhere? Thanks!
  3. Does this mean that the vox hide will no longer work with lasso / curves? Vox hide is one of the most powerful tools for a concept artist, but without a lasso it is useless. I miss, option to align pivot to the center of the object in transform tool too. In VoxTree I can't find the option to collapse the tree. Also it hard to use scale control (green box) from side view now, because it's blocked with blue rotation control.
  4. Здравствуйте. Делаю интерьер. Столкнулся с тем, что сцена стала слишком тяжелой. Большинство объектов в воксельном режиме. Если уменьшать через Resample, то сильно теряется качество и грани объектов становятся рваными. Может быть есть какой-нибудь способ умного ремешинга или какие-то другие фишки? Спасибо.
  5. Does anyone know what the pattern on the second screenshot means?
  6. Thank you for the answer. I believe I get this error because of geometry I imported from 3ds max (without voxelization).
  7. Hello. Yesterday I finished work on my project and saved file. Today I open it and find some terrible holes across all geometry (screen 1). If I import exported geometry I get this (screen 2). Version Thanks in advance,
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