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    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    F2 key (UI translation window) does not work in 4.9.06
  2. cartoonsong

    [Solved] Curve missing in Noise Tool

    [solved] Remove all subfolders created under user folder
  3. cartoonsong

    [Solved] Curve missing in Noise Tool

    hi I used 4.8.20 on Windows 10, but the same thing happened on my new 4.8.23 or 4.8.18 after this problem. Once this problem occurs, I think it's still affecting the system. I even used the Revo uninstaller to remove the entire registry for a complete removal, but I could not fix it https://youtu.be/kaHq4OnW3RQ
  4. hi After removing all points from the curve of the Noise tool, the curve is no longer active Clicking does not add points and there is no response I reset all the settings and reinstall the program several times, but this does not work I need help
  5. Hi I am making a new Korean translation file. However, the Korean font is not available in 3DC version 4.8 Other 2-byte fonts in Chinese or Japanese will be fine So I'm now working on version 4.7. I don't know what happened in version 4.8, but if you do, I'll send you a new translation file later.
  6. cartoonsong

    Smart Materials problem...

    Thanks for the reply I solved the problem. I have found that this problem occurs in orthographic mode No problem in perspective mode If it's a bug, I hope it's fixed in the next version
  7. cartoonsong

    Smart Materials problem...

    If I apply Smart Materials in the Paint room after working in the Sculpt room, it will look strange in the Preview Window It looks like Normal Depth is a problem. But when I do hand painting, the result is more normal. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me