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  1. Is there a way to change the work environment into Diffuse, spec and normal mode? I can't seem to get rid of metalness. this is going on even thou I selected Gloss/color specular in the export/import work flow. thanks
  2. Well, the view port image is the flat color mode. the highlights are made with a grey scale curvature map and overlayed. BTW, is there a way to change the work environment into Diffuse, spec and normal mode? I can't seem to get rid of metalness. Even thou I selected Gloss/color specular in the export/import work flow. thanks
  3. Exported color map looks different from viewport. My highlights are missing. what's going on?
  4. Ok, I think I found it. It's the focal shift. Negative 80 works well for me. thanks
  5. This is really weird. I can't seem to soften the falloff of the clone brush. Any tips? The Falloff setting and the Focal shift does not seems to do anything. The Alphas help a little. It's as if the "Flow " rate is set too high. Any "Flow" setting? Both Photoshop and Substance painter do a FAR better job. thanks.
  6. Is the also a way to import a color map, with its corresponding spec and bump map? thanks
  7. hi, I've managed to import a heightmap onto my model. The issue now is UV seam and the clone tool is not getting rid of them. Blend mode or add mode or Max mode. IT does not work. Take a look. thanks
  8. Hi How do I change the folder destination of Export Objects & Textures? Right now, to specify, I have to use Textures>Export. But I want to export ALL textures exported at once to a specific folder. How does one do that? thanks
  9. Hi everyone, There seems to be a difference between how the texture is displayed on the Preview and the actual result. The mapping method is cube mapping for both. The preview version is nicer with fewer stretches. The actual filled layer looks stretched. Is there a way to fix it? thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone. Perhaps Andrew could add that feature some day. Many bakers now work with cages to control the bake angle. Something like Marmoset Tool bag 3 would be cool. The issue with using the brush tool to control the internally generated cage is that I can't move multiple vertices together. This is needed for evenness.
  11. I guess for my case it was due to the voxel sculpting. I'd better watch the detail levels. That's what I was thinking too. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Hi, Is it possible to add depth, roughness and metalic when using the "Edit projection in Ext Editor" function? It would be nice to apply color with roughness at the same time. Does anyone also notice that 3D coat uses lot of RAM as time goes on? thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yep, After some messing around, I decided to use the "Blender" preset, which is also MikkTspace compliant. "Unreal" engine also works. the Blender preset is the closest I can get. "Unity" did not work. I'm assuming its legacy tangent basis since Unity uses MikkTspace only after version 5.3. Same for substance painter. Here's the model with the Xnormal baked maps. It's close enough. The internally baked version is perfect. Whatever it is, I now have the tangent basis somewhat synced up with substance painter and unity. I still can't find any documentation regarding the importing of an external bake cage. Could you direct me to one please? If there is one major complain I have with 3D coat, it's documentation. Not every function can be searched on google. Like "import coarse mesh". Thanks again. BTW, here's the baking cage. shape_Cage.obj
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yes, all I know is that Xnormal and Painter both use MikkTspace. Not too sure about 3D coat. I find it strange that there are so many methods of configuring normal map tangent basis in 3D coat. You can set the normal calculation method and the tangent space separately, which kinda confuses me..... I've checked to ensure that the Tangent Space Standard is set to MikkTSpace All options in the normal calculation method in the preferences have all been tried. None of them work. BTW, any way of importing a projection baking cage? And I can't seem to find the quality setting for the normal map baking. I've attached my 2 models here. Hope that someone can help. shape_Low.obj Shape_High.FBX
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