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  1. I'm a newbie. I've imported a curve as mesh. Upon import, 3D Coat creates the object with right angles. Please see screenshot. I want the object to be rounded. In other words, I want the object to look as if it were made from a cylinder, instead of a cube. Is there a way to make 3D Coat create it rounded on import? If not, is there a command or some way to evenly round the edges all at once? Thank you. Don
  2. Thanks Carlosan! I did grab the most recent update and it was also reported by AVG as ransomware possible. I let it install and 3D Coat runs fine. Don
  3. I'm a licensed Mac 3D Coat user and just downloaded the Windows 10 64 bit trial and attempted to install it on my Windows laptop. I have the full licensed AVG Internet Security with recent updates installed; it reported 3D Coat as possible ransomware. I ceased installation but it still got installed somehow. I'm not sure if this is a false positive or a real problem. Please see attached screenshot. What to do? Thanks! Don
  4. I installed 4.8.10 and tried importing the EPS saved with different variations (postscript 2, postscript 3, etc.) and no matter how I save it and no matter what options I select/deselect in 3D Coat, the object still imports with rounded corners. Is there another file format or process to try? Thanks!
  5. Sorry...didn't realize there was a new update (maybe an automatic update notice is in the works, such as used with other apps?) I'm downloading the update now and will try creating the EPS in some variation that 3D Coat will recognize and then go from there. I do appreciate your help!
  6. Thanks again for your help, Carlosan! I picked once over Flat Subdivision option and then applied, but the object still has rounded corners.
  7. Thanks Carlosan! I ticked "Import w/o Voxelization" as you have displayed; unfortunately, it didn't make any difference, the objects corners are still rounded. Do you have any other suggestions?
  8. I'm new to 3D Coat and have novice skill in other 3D apps. I created a 2D image in Corel DRAW 2017 and exported it as an EPS (Postscript 3). In 3D Coat I imported the EPS with File > Import > Import Curve as Mesh. 3D Coat will round off the corners of what are squared corners in the original image and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. Please see images below. Thanks! Don ORIGINAL IMAGE IMPORT AS MESH IN 3D COAT
  9. Thanks houGenie! I did customize the navigation, but I couldn't find a way to do it with just the trackpad without keys. I did see that within the "customize navigation" area, there was not yet an assignment for SHIFT+ALT+RMB, so I added that for "move in screen space." That works, so I just need to get used to it. For any other MacBook Pro users, here's what I did: Of course on Mac, Option key = ALT key.
  10. Hi, I'm new to 3D Coat & MacBook Pro and love both. I'm working through lots of 3D Coat tutorials & docs, but so far have not found an answer for the following: To work exclusively without a mouse and just trackpad, I've set my default camera navigation to "3D Coat." I can zoom & rotate fine with the trackpad, but to pan, is there a way to use the trackpad with or preferably without a key like "Option" etc.? Thanks! Don