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  1. I made a square in maya and subdivided it once. It looks like this with smoothing (keyboard "3") turned on. This is the actual shape of the object, imported but not applied in 3dCoat A lot of subdivisions and applied Now behold: When spinning what was supposed to be a perfectly round ball, it wobbles - indicating that the subdivision isn't entirely correct. I discovered this while trying to import a robot that needed its smoothing groups, but 3Dcoat would crash because of lacking ram when trying to subdivide it in the import object menu. So I can't get a perfectly smoothed robot in there. I'd love some advice but I suspect I'll be told to get more RAM. (But I've got 16GB with a GTX 1070 GPU and SSD so...) (feature request; why can't 3d coat like maya create a perfectly round ball, based on the information from smoothing groups? And why do I have to subdivide an object manually when really all I want is a result based on smoothing groups that doesn't care for the original polycount, but simply looks towards the layer it is being deployed on and smooths everything perfectly for you?)
  2. To bake parts of my retopo separately, I need to select them and bake while the option "bake selected only" is checked. Naturally I select a rectangular lasso for this. Then I start baking. That`s when 3D Coat awkwardly insists on keeping the rectangular select tool instead of letting me use my cursor to adjust scan depth. If I could only use the a regular stroke mode, I could paint as usual. So basically, you need to abort the whole baking process, switch stroke mode, then re-enter.
  3. I`m aware of this tutorial. It won`t work. He needs to combine the UV-maps. I already had a combined UV-map: Now I need the textures to respect each other (if possible?). For instance, if I in Substance Painter make the tongue of a fish red, export it and import it to 3D coat... the whole fish will be red, which obviously is a problem. (Substance painter does this when working on models with multiple parts - if the tongue is on it`s own part, it won`t respect the other parts of the fish, treating all the parts like separate models thus overflowing like seen below) So basically: in this case, the entire diffuse map is completely red, but I only want it affecting the tongue. Similarly, the diffuse map for the body fills the entire map, leaving no room for the red tongue. Can 3D coat combine multiple diffuse maps, based on a pre-combined UV-tile? (sorry for the poor explanation from earlier...)
  4. I`m moving between applications in my workflow (sculpt in 3D-coat, paint in Substance Painter). I have heard that the following is possible, though I`m unsure how exactly. I want to : 1. Import a mesh (originally sculpted in 3D-coat, but textures are generated in Substance Painter) 2. Import multiple texture sets for said mesh (from Substance Painter: they all belong on the one mesh, but for different "parts", and therefore needs to be merged since it can`t be done that way in Substance Painter) 3. Somehow combine the textures into a single UV-tile (that can later be applied to the mesh inside of e.g. Maya). 4. Export (... the newly combined texture as a single file.)
  5. In the paint room, I have a particular layer with an old retopo-bake that need`s deleting. The delete button does delete other layers, but not this particular layer. (There are newer, baked layers in the list, so deleting this particular layer would not leave the room empty of content or other layers) Deleting "Layer 0" is seems impossible.
  6. You, sir, is the real MVP! Thank you so much for all the the help and advice! Your zealous attention to detail and exuberance in deliverance have saved me quite a lot head ache. If you don`t mind, I`d like to ask you or anyone with an answer some follow-up questions. Perhaps I`m not the only one who will find the answers usefull. Links to existing solved posts would suffice, but I have googled this with mixed results. I thought it better to ask right away: 1. Normal Map Touch Up: How? I`d love your knowledge regarding this technique? 2. Mesh Mixer - Error search: How can you import a fixed mesh back into the original project from e.g. Mesh Mixer, and replace the corrupted retopo-mesh? 3. "Names Correspondence issue": I am almost 100 % certain they had the same names. If you find a way to avoid the issue early on, please elaborate. (I went over them twice, even removing spaces and capital letters - they should correspond) 4. Retopo layers missing: I noticed that your fix-file had an issue where the retopology layers were gone and the retopo-mesh itself was invisible or none-existing: yet still visible in the UV-room? (perhaps it`s due to your exporting/importing process between other programs?) (as to continue working in the project, if needed? E.g. surface mode polishing?) 4.5: The question above spawns another one: If the original file containing a retopology mesh is lost, is it possible to recover by transferring the Paint-object`s mesh in to the retopo room?) (Preferably retaining individual retopo layers.) 5. Mesh Error Discovery Pipeline: Is there a pipeline for discovering project errors like the once I have encountered? Like mesh errors? Preferably, albeit unnecessarily, inside of 3D Coat? (I imagine I`ll run into quite a few problems over the next years. If someone had an efficient routine for locating common issues, it would be a great time saver and learning opportunity. I believe you use Mesh Mixer for this? Want to elaborate on the subject?)
  7. I don`t mind, here. Please let me know if you find anything I also noticed, the gills exports a ton of files. The six individual gills, on 3 retopo layers (left & right x 3), exports out 7 complete set of gills. Weather exporting the model or the textures, there`s a ton of duplicates of the gills, always full sets. I must admit, I`m very new to 3Dcoat.
  8. It`s going to be rendered to a still yes. (Will be posed in Maya first, though). Could you post screens of your process?
  9. I renamed, removed any spaces, checked the "name correspondence" box (which coincidentally wasn't on). I baked again, but as I singled out different parts, they still had areas of holes (albeit not the same areas as before). I then deleted everything in the paint room, and simply did the same process. This yielded better results. Now I have the problem with lots of black spots inside the gill area, that are difficult to reach in the baking process, because the topology is so tight and I can`t accurately fix the scan depths. This would be easy if I could temporarily hide the body-mesh, to see only one gill at the time. But I\m unable to hide the mesh in 3D coat. Shouldnt this be an obvious feature during baking (adjusting scan depth-phase)? How can I fix the black spots in post? If I could just "paint over them" in the paintroom, perhaps, but I am fairly new to 3D Coat. Any help appreciated!
  10. The vox tree is just hidden, but you're right, I'm sculpting and I just grabbed the images that explained my problem. (I was not aware there was other ways of sculpting than with voxel or surface mode in the sculpt room?)
  11. Im sculpting in 3Dcoat, but my texturing needs to be done in Substance Painter. Heres a retopo of my fish. The gills are the main problem. The gills are three separate pieces of topology, that cause all sorts of trouble when baking When baking, Im left with this mess in the paint room. How Do I solve this? Is it perhaps possible to bake the fish, gills excluded? Then maybe bake the gills by themselves, then combine this UV-maps? Or any workflow tip to stop the holes? The gills themselves are not larger than the body, so I thought they wouldnt cut through and cause any issues
  12. Perhaps this is a good place to mention it, when you use CTRL + SHIFT with the cut off tool IN SYMETRY MODE, it just deletes everything. The symmetry is leaking into the functionality in an unwanted way. This should be fixed to work as expected (all though I get why it deletes everything but it`s obviously not what you want)
  13. Thanks! Now If I could only move the symmetry-plane in xyz-space without using the horribly inaccurate point click thing, then I'd be set.
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