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    UE edges issue

    I'm having an issue in 3D Coat's UV room. On the model I import, I try clearing the seams but some of the edges on the model are highlighted. I can't seem to get it so these edges aren't highlighted, which makes it hard to mark seams because for those edges I can't see if they are selecting or not. I haven't got the very latest version of 3D Coat installed, is this a known problem or am I missing something.
  2. nathanrogers

    [Solved] 3DCoat crashing on startup

    Thank you! It was my anti-virus that was blocking 3D Coat from opening.
  3. nathanrogers

    [Solved] 3DCoat crashing on startup

    Ok thank you, I'll send an email now.
  4. Hi. I'm brand new to 3D Coat and want to learn it so I can teach my students. I've downloaded the free trial so I can use it at home, but when I try to launch it the program crashed before it even loads up. I've tried launching both the OpenGL and DirectX versions but the same thing happens to both. I'll attach a screenshot of what happens when it crashed to this post. I hope someone out there can help me with this as I don't have any idea of why this might be happening. I'm running Windows 10. Thanks.