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  1. unrealone

    modding tool RUST game model updates?

    Any plans to update Rust models, a few people are waiting. https://steamcommunity.com/app/776920/discussions/0/1609400247643089935/?tscn=1580084131
  2. unrealone

    modding tool RUST game model updates?

    Rust game models need updates I know the Metal Facemask and Metal Chestpiece need to be updated, as the models have changed and so they're screwed up when you go to make a skin and import it into the game https://rust.facepunch.com/changes/1 Change List 224 Friday, 3 January 2020 .
  3. 3D Illusion using projections for CS:GO Skins. Can 3Dcoat do this? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=631528288 https://steamcommunity.com/id/depuiseau/myworkshopfiles/?appid=730
  4. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    Update Rough results applying alpha made from 3D obj applied in Texture window? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33dwdbl&s=9#.XDHnOVUzapo Create Alpha from 3D object, Depth option window optimum value is 1? Need to know the optimum value of the Depth option may be part of the problem why applying brush alpha in texture editor gives rough results but ok in the 3D window?
  5. I deleted the AmbientOcclusion layer, is there a way of generating a new one. Unable to export the csgo object because I deleted the AmbientOcclusion layer. Cheers!
  6. unrealone

    Killing Floor 2 Modding tool

    Any plans for 3D coat modding tool to have compatibility with Killing floor 2
  7. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    4.8.20_ 3D Coat, Noise in texture window but not in 3d window?
  8. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    Any ideas?
  9. unrealone

    KRITA - free open-source paint app

    thanks for the link, looks amazing!
  10. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    Quick video When import "use 3D model" in the Alpha menu what are the best settings? Depth I use "10" maybe that's the issue with the rough banding? Thanks!
  11. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    The issue is with the 3D coat modding tool. Could the rough texture issue be reproduced with you 3D modding tool?
  12. unrealone

    Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result

    I'm using Steam 3d coat modding tool. Not the full 3D Coat.
  13. Apply Alpha in Texture window rough result? Apply Alpha in 3d window smooth correct result same material? So how to apply alpha in Texture Editor window and get a smooth result? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=fnu7nt&s=9#.W5DvUM4zapo
  14. Unable to save smart material after using sampler tool. Open edit smart material, now use eye dropper Sampler tool to pick up color, now try and save new material, boom! Will not save new smart material after Sampler tool is used? Can someone double check this? I'm using 3Dcoat Modding Tool.
  15. Using 3D coat mod tool uploading a new P90 skin in CS:GO workshop workbench. The new skin uploads over the first P90 skin I uploaded? I tried DesertEagle and the same thing, the new different DesertEagle skin copies over the original first upload? I contacted Steam and they say we don't support mods, but the mod upload submission tool is overwriting my previous submissions? Any ideas? Thanks for Your time.