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    Problem with drawing

    hello, I'm using 3d coat nearly year and now i got some problem: I cant draw with norlmals in paint room, but only when I'm using texture. Only one day before it worked and now I cant. 3d coat version 4.8.10. On screenshot 1 I'm drawing with just brush and no texture and it works well. But on screenshot 2 I draw with texture and it doesnt work properly. On 3rd screen normals and they are plain. it should be as on 4 screenshot. Thanks for any help.
  2. AlexxDem

    What is "Factures" ?

    Ok, fractures are useful, but is it possible to control the power of normals with this fractures? it will be nice.
  3. AlexxDem

    Shader texture

    Hello! I'm very interested in question: is there a way to control a texture in the shader dialog? I mean to control is rotation and position. It would be a really useful thing and save much time.