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  1. Hi Carlosan, thanks for the answer. This option doesn't seem to be included in 3DC-Printing. Did you take the screenshot from the normal 3D Coat? Also What I want is just to have my model rescaled to the initial scale when exported just like it was possible in 3D Coat. Here's a screenshot of what it looked like in 3D Coat :
  2. Hi! I've used 3D coat in the past and when importing a model and scaling it to voxel it with better resolution, it asked if I wanted to keep the initial scale and position. I'm currently trying 3DCPrinting and after merging my models together, when I export, and upload in other programs, the scale is all messed up ( Since I've scaled it up to have better voxel resolution). Is there a way to export the model with the initial scales like in 3D Coat ? Thanks
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