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  1. First Sawyer test, For all those interested you can also follow the Full progress HERE And for those who want early access you can get the files on my Patreon HERE
  2. I C.... Guess i never noticed it did that to geometry Its actually quite neato.
  3. Version b42 Bug - loading the default surface sphere and using Rapid smooth as soon as i lay a stroke i get subdivision of that stroke, regardless of the Modify connected check box or the subdivision settings.
  4. Yup try it in fullscreen using alt + Enter scales oddly, not just blurry but pixelates. Also as you move the cursor from right to left does the offset change in size?
  5. I think it's all related to the offset bug that make the beta unusable for some. The offset is still presenting for me when using tablet pc in preferences some tools work ok but in others the cursor jumps to where the offset would have been in between strokes and make things un workable for any sculpting task.
  6. If it helps ive been looking at the amount it offsets and it seem relative to the cursors position on the screen, The UI scales funny even more so in fullscreen is 3d coat running at some locked internal resolution or weird scaling? Like Half the resolution of my 4k monitor??
  7. Still no Wintab without that odd offset here. Tablet PC Works but Ill wait til we get wintab working. as I at least get VERY choppy perfomance trying to use Tablet PC
  8. Definitely Wacom and wintab related try it in tablet pc mode in brushing preferences it's better but wintab really needs to work properly, tablet pc not meant for use with wacom we get stutters and bad strokes pressure sensitivity issues.
  9. When you have SOOOO many tools anything that creates a quick visual grab for the eye is surely better than all the same, @ devs dont take this the wrong way but you will ghet used to the way the icons look so you will not see the importance of a first glance familiarity adding variation and colour might help
  10. I think its more the black outline they can look cartoonish. not all of them but some I like the contrast but heres a thought drop the Outline and Use different colour materials for different rooms or fu nctionsthat way your eye can quickly jump to where it needs to be and you can much more easily identify the required brush. The problem i always found before when i did the icons back in in the day, was lots and lots of the same colour tiny spheres you get lost. edit - at least with this build we can actually set our own icons alas to for all icons
  11. There is no clear path it all depends on what you want to do with the application? From just texturing and baking maps from an asset you have built elsewhere, sculpting a start to finish project, tweaking normal map from another software. Retopology of external asset. I'll admit there is a plethora of confusing options especially for baking. I usually have a very set course when I use it, I often incorporate many different tools using 3dc for specific tasks within that pipeline. 3DCoat is a Far cry from Photoshop by design. It has elements from it sure but they are there for specific tasks. What are you hoping to do with it. I'm not defending it's often confusing complexity, just trying to understand what you want from it and how you wish to work with it. We would all like to help make it better and more attainable usable in multiple workflows pipelines.
  12. I should clarify that I Never said I stretch the application over multiple screens, my issue is I cannot run the app at all on single screen when I have two displays or more displays of different resolutions, hardware accelerated application should really be kept on a single screen. If you look at my video I have it displayed on one screen. With the offset present. Setting the resolution to the same on all displays means I can at least run 3dc on one screen. My issue is not a multi screen support only the ability too use the application at all on one screen.
  13. So I was able to at least try the new version by setting both my screens to same resolutionThose of us having an issue with an offset as a temp workaround you can set the resolution of multi screen setup to be the same resolution
  14. Can we at least resize the icons they are ugly that big drop them to the same size as the other icons in the tool bar?
  15. What i mean is it works for me on my setup I only every use it on one monitor at once i never spread it across multiple displays, the 2021 version does not work at all properly on any of my displays.
  16. Those who have had offset problem like in my vid above do you have multiple displays?
  17. I Get funky Offset when trying to use any tool I suspect it something to do with multiple monitors / wintab because I had previous version working fine amd picked up second display today
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