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  1. Sorda

    What is trello?

    Can remove it then from the tabs of the forum, so as not to mislead people?
  2. Sorda

    What is trello?

    What is Trello and how to get there? As far as I can see, a lot of my messages and bugs and suggestions for innovations on the mantis are ignored. Perhaps Trrelo can help. Work on the bugs is not done, at the same time, judging by the posts, 99% of the work is focused on improving the drawing or sculptural layers, which again does not correspond to the current updates when the curves have been updated nicely. As a result, there is confusion. , in Trello vote for something else, something completely different appears in the release.
  3. Sorda

    Curve raduis blocking - bug

    When working with a curve and a blocked radius change, adding a point on the curve, with some kind of radius of the pen, changes the thickness of the curve to the specified radius at a given point. This is a bug. v .36
  4. Well, not quite. I think even a zbrash will not pull in direct work with polygons when there are tens of millions of them. Simply optimize the boolean operations and decide something with when, in sculpting, the edges of the model begin to intersect with each other at different levels.
  5. At least in order to clean up a huge number of holes arising from boolean operations. In Blender with a grid of even 5 million polygons, you can remove holes manually. In koaty most likely you will encounter a lot of problems with this. Especially when the tools needed for this do not work. ESPECIALLY, when it is seen that in the grid the edges under each other pass and do not intersect. It’s just that two grids at the same time begin to exist somewhere, and you can’t do anything about it.
  6. The ideal workflow described here is not possible in 3D at the moment. If only because here the tabs of the rooms are not arranged sequentially.
  7. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Please add translations for the Russian language in the description of the tools. In addition, for some tools, the description is simply the name of the tool. While each of them has a lot of nuances that are inexperienced to the inexperienced user and except for a couple of months of use, he will not know about them. And as I wrote a year ago, add the ability to edit the hints in the program. Including translations. Some translations of names and functions are very clumsy. Thank.
  8. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Just how does it work in Zbrush? There would be fewer questions on boolean if the mesh did not crash or the program would not crash on the simplest things with several hundred polygons. Blender's boolean operations are so good that they allow you to create fantastic things in hard-surface style. We can say, they say, yes, this is not the case, there is a sculptor, and there it is not a sculptor, but what is the coat really strong for then? In addition, the boolean voxels work fine, but when you need to make a lot of holes, you need tens of millions of voxels to make it work. With that, when you go to the polygons, your grid will float. There will be no clear and hard edges. And that's bad. This is from the series, when, according to the blurred outlines of the mesh, we can say that someone just started working in 3D coat on a minimal suitable computer, as well as newcomers to Substenc Painter, who thoughtlessly throw in a couple of filters and consider that they have cool textures. And again, over the past year from the moment I started using the program, what I brought in the last two updates makes me happy. I hope this will continue in the future and will bring the boolean operations to standard. Awful things with a mesh during boolean operations, this is my main interest to the program.
  9. Sorda

    Bug with fullscreen mode

    Version .35, an attempt to save the file in full screen mode leads to the fact that the saving window appears as if behind the program window and is simply not visible.
  10. It seems on the forum or buggy, or does not work authorization using Facebook.
  11. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hopefully, this will appear on the Coat during the year (at least). Because there is a big problem when you try to make a small hole in small pieces of the mesh - the program either crashes or creates bugs. It would be necessary to deal with this at the beginning.
  12. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    It is possible to dream up and assume that in the place of a Boolean operation a piece of the mesh turns into voxels (during the operation) and after the end turns into a surface again.
  13. Sorda

    [Bug] Cell tool

    Does it seem to me or is something strange going on with the forum? I absolutely do not understand, I think I wrote the same message in two different topics at the same time? How can it be?
  14. Sorda

    [Bug] holes in mesh after undo

  15. Sorda

    [Bug] Cell tool

    I wrote about this bug a year ago. I recorded a video where this bug is. This video was viewed. After a while, this bug is still there. It is very happy. Moreover, judging by the reaction, as if for the first time about this bug will be found out.