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  1. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    1. YouTube videos 2. Mantis 3. I sent them to Shpagin, I wrote them here, I wrote them on the mantis, I wrote them down on YouTube. From all that I have described, the reference drawing from version .25 has been fixed.
  2. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    That's not the point. I even wrote to Shpagin in the mail about this. And the reaction is only now, as if he sees it for the first time.
  3. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The bug was described by me on December 26, 2018. With all due respect, the answer to "I'm fine, no problem" is like the answer of an oncologist to a cancer patient. Like, I have no cancer, so you do not, and we will not treat you. Clear the bed.
  4. The title of the topic is good news. The bad news is: do I download them one by one (all 600+)?
  5. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    All these bugs work every time. I know a person whose computer is weaker than mine, but at the same time almost none of those I wrote about are experiencing. At the same time, sometimes in the new version, it does not work what worked in the previous one, and at the same time it was buggy and continues to be buggy for me. The fact that it works for you does not mean that there is no problem. Of course, all combinations of factors of computer hardware, system, installed programs, it is difficult to take into account, but please at least try to correct errors. I shot more than 10 videos with playback of bugs, but less than half of them were corrected for the five released versions of the program.
  6. One of the ways (apparently) to influence is to vote on the mantis for certain functions. Ask the moderator to add you there.
  7. Let's just say, an extreme update, like the appearance of a new person in the team, pleased me. Moreover, I stopped breaking walls with a keyboard while trying to perform boolean operations. The fact that in version .25 would not have been fulfilled with a probability of 99%, yesterday it was successfully done and left me to sit with a stupid smile on my lips. Like, yes really.
  8. Sorda

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    I do not need it. The extreme release of the program pleased me. But in order to avoid such moments, is it not better to write a certain FAQ, where it will be explained what and how to do during repeated program flights? Again, one person will be answered about this file, the other will be asked for the system’s data and version, the third will be ignored, the fourth by someone from the side and not even from the forum will tell you to erase a certain file (and sometimes just delete my documents) never guess.
  9. Sorda

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    I meet this for the first time ((not wide monitors but video clips because of this). Thanks for the explanation.
  10. Sorda

    Redshift support

    Why do you need redshift in 3D coat? Just so that he "was also" in the 3d coat? I do not see so far any usability for rendering in the program. I see it in all programs that are not obsessed with sculpting. Blender, 3d max, maya. You can customize the scene as you want, there is just convenient to do there.
  11. The only thing I can advise you is perhaps your advice will be ignored (as are my bug reports and the "do as in Blender" sentences (because there many things are extremely convenient and some are only there), so be patient. Perhaps at the time of some religious apocalypse, some of them will be taken into consideration.
  12. Sorda

    Cutting - bug - .36

    In the .36 version there are still holes in the mesh when trying to cut something more complicated than the base spheres or the cube. At the same time, on some meshes of complex shape, cutting off works, on others of similar complexity, with the same grid (without artifacts) one hundred thousand departures per second when trying to cut a mesh at any angles.
  13. Sorda

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    How can this file be damaged, except for the bugs of the program itself? For example, when I launch a program, all (ALL) program settings often fly off due to unsuccessful Boolean operations. Maybe write to the developers to decide this at the beginning? And then to remove this unfortunate file with each new version is such an occupation. More on wellness is similar.
  14. Sorda

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    Bro, why did you make the video so ... distant?
  15. Sorda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Because the setting is for some reason only a small line on the edge of the selection. And does not apply deep into. Instead, you must enter a change in the gradient from the edge to some center of the region. For a circle, it's easy. For the square. While for complex curvilinear surfaces (more complex than a star), I suggest simply adjusting the offset from the edge of the selection, and you can make any irregularities with the gradient curve.