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    [Solved] Retopo Symmetry problems

    Hmm I see. From what I've gathered up until now, I guess you just gotta be careful when creating new faces on the center, mostly. If the bug were to occur, just delete newly created faces, and recreate them on the correct side (as show at the end of my video). Seems to be the case for me at least Feels good finally having an overview of this, this made me so angry at times haha. Thanks for you assistance Carlosan!
  2. agelvik

    [Solved] Retopo Symmetry problems

    Radial symmetry got it working.. kinda. Virtual mode has to be on for the mesh to be shown tho. But now it looks like an abomination haha Before Virtual Mirror: After turning on Virtual Mirror:
  3. agelvik

    [Solved] Retopo Symmetry problems

    No, Virtual Mirror mode is on.. I found a strange fix though. I noticed there was a missing polygon right here After i filled it, it turned out just fine But I don't quite understand why this matters tho, what's the difference from before and after I filled it? I tried to recreate what caused the symmetry to bug for this model, which got me closer to figure out what's causing it and how to fix it, but still uncertain if this is a solid fix for the issue regarding other models.. Any thoughts? Video of the process:
  4. Hey, I continue to run into this problem. Sometimes all I have to do is undo a few times, but most of the time this doesn't solve it. My retopo mesh suddenly doesn't show when I turn on symmetry back on again, sometimes it does but just barely visible in a strange behavior. It's very random when it happens, how can it be avoided and fixed when it occurs? P.S, I don't turn on symmetry mid-way, I always turn it on before I begin retopo. Before symmetry: After: Another example: Using version 4.8.07