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  1. That mockup looks about right to me. With addition of a World/Local option for aligning to either grid reference...
  2. I would like to request the following : • Thickness tool - add option to display thickness as you mouse over any point on the mesh/voxel form. This is very handy tool in Sensable's Freeform app... • Thickness display - similar to Rhino, I would like a quick visual display of thickness (based on average normals) across the entire mesh/voxel form by applying vertex colors. Would also be handy if it functions while you are sculpting, to enable quick repair of thin or thick areas...
  3. Hi. Currently working on a project which needs a combination of both Z symmetry and radial symmetry. Also I often need to have multi-axis (X+Z) symmetry combined... feature request please! Thanks. jonah
  4. thanks! that did the trick...
  5. Hi all. Finally downloaded the V3 demo to try the voxel sculpting. But when i run V3 i get an error that "cudart.dll" is missing. I am using a GTX280 on Win XP32 and also updated my cuda driver today and rebooted my system. So how can i fix this problem? Anybody can offer some help? Thanks, jonah
  6. Does it automatically create seamless tile pattern as you paint? I just tried that, but it seemed to be a standard plane. And the Photoshop style "offset" is OK but not really good from a user point of view. Because you have to stop your strokes, then to continue in seperate pass. It's not convenient or fast... jonah
  7. SUCCESS!!! Thanks Andrew. While we are discussing it, it might be an easy solution for you to add a 3x3 grid as seamless plane primitive. I don't mind also if you want to add this OBJ to your content folder so it installs directly with your program. That would be OK with me... jonah seamless_paint_grid.rar
  8. tried that. But rec'f this message : "Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file". Andrew?
  9. I agree it would be a nice feature. But you can already do this in most any paint program, including 3DBrush. Just create a 3x3 grid primitive. Then setup the UV's for each face so it's UV space ranges from 0,0 to 1,1. Now all faces share the full UV space. As you paint across them, it will create a seamless texture. If you give me your e-mail address, i can send you an OBJ which i created in Modo. Works perfectly in 3DB... jonah Why we can't upload OBJ's on the forum?
  10. :lol: ... The world needs more people like you. But please take care of the money too, so there will be a 3D Brush 3.0 J N A H
  11. The number "5" key will toggle between orthogonal and perspective views. I think in 3D Brush, the perspective camera does not have a very strong perspectve distortion. So it can be difficult to notice the effect... shorty
  12. Hi Andrew. I see now my favorite modeling program is on the list, but i already voted for "other". Now i see my vote has gone missing and i can't vote again Please reset my vote for my favorite program RHINO!!! (Modo would be my #2 choice) Thanks! shorty
  13. That's great andrew I am doing lots of work now which involves modeling in Rhino, exporting unsmoothed models to render in Modo. This will be really useful for me... shorty
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