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  1. Digital

    Error possible bug

    @Carlosan thanks for the reply, but I still have heard nothing. I decided not to purchase 3dcoat.
  2. Digital

    Error possible bug

    i try to open render results for final and 3d coat and render man and this error comes up [ERROR ] Traceback (most recent call last): [ERROR ] File "<string>", line 1, in <module> [ERROR ] _ice.Error: Couldn't open image file "C:\Users\Digital" [ERROR ] Failed loading image 'ice.Load('C:\\Users\\Digital')' [ERROR ] Traceback (most recent call last): [ERROR ] File "<string>", line 1, in <module> [ERROR ] _ice.Error: Couldn't open image file "C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4.8.10\Dude\Documents\3D-CoatV48\Temp\extrender\TempOut\tmp.exr" [ERROR ] Failed loading image 'ice.Load('C:\\Program Files\\3D-Coat-V4.8.10\\Dude\\Documents\\3D-CoatV48\\Temp\\extrender\\TempOut\\tmp.exr') now the directory should read my folder path is C:\Users\Digital Dude\Documents\3D-CoatV48\Temp\extrender\TempOut\tmp.exr I am using the latest 3dcoat and renderman pro server 21.7
  3. Digital

    Error possible bug

    @Carlosan I contacted support yesterday haven't heard a word.
  4. Digital

    3Dcoat 48 & Renderman

    I have a object that I create in another program I import it to 3dcoat for painting. I painted it using one of the metals when I render in renderman preview it looks great but the the render image is extremely dark. in render preview it looks great in final render it looks great but when i open the image it rendered to it is xtremely dark. under render view image color space it is always default liner if i change it to srgb it is dark like the image it renders out