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  1. Bonjour, J'ai un peu de mal avec 3DC. J'ai l'impression que c'est un logiciel fait pour ceux qui le comprennent avant de l'avoir ouvert, tant il y a peu de tutos basiques. De plus, je trouve un peu inquiétant de voir le peu d'activité sur les forums, que ce soit en français ou en anglais; me serait-je trompé dans mon investissement? J'aurais besoin d'une bonne initiation. Y-a-t-il quelqu'un qui pourrait me donner des cours (même au téléphone) à l"heure, ne serait-ce que pour dégrossir? Merci Philippe
  2. 3dOxyd

    Mix sculpt and paint maps...

    Hi, I only need simple things to do in 3DC: import textured meshes from Blender, paint on it, add some sculpt brushes and send back to Blender. I Use Applink v5.0 which is useful for that. I've not understood the whole 3DC software but I succeeded in importing painted mesh, then importing sculpted mesh... but I've not found how to import both at the same time in order to display my model painted and sculpted. Moreover, assigning imported paint texture in Blender has no effect on the mesh: it remains grey (but I can assign any other material). I surely missed something... Philippe
  3. 3dOxyd

    Export Sculpt model...

    Hello Carlosan, Thanks. That's it! I played with decimate command and it's perfect. Moreover, I've seen your post of Jan 10 2018 which helped me to go farther. Now i've just to see more videos to understand the next steps. Thanks again for the help you gave me. Regards Philippe
  4. 3dOxyd

    Export Sculpt model...

    Hi Carlosan, Thanks for your response. I had already seen this video 2 or 3 times when at first I imported the model from Blender in Retopo room; but the result was not what I was expecting for (bad geometry, no recognized shaders), so I decided to model again the object in Sculpt room, thinking that all I could model in this room would be 100% optimized for exporting maps. That's where I am now... but what could I do with my Sculpt model to get a UV map to play with and export the whole model/maps in Blender? Regards Philippe
  5. 3dOxyd

    Export Sculpt model...

    Hi I'm newbie with 3DC and English is not my natural language... so I get some difficulties in understanding this interesting piece of software. I thought that: 1/ Paint room was for importing 3d models and paint them then export back to their origin software... or painting models that have been rearranged in retopo room or created in sculpt room. 2/ Retopo room was for correcting mesh and make optimized texture maps from low poly models coming from high density poly models 3/ Sculpt room was for creating new and clean objects to be then enhanced in paint room and exported to any 3D software (Maya, Blender, 3DS, C4D...etc.) with PBR matching so that one could find the same result in his 3D software. So I've created a new object in Sculpt with textures and shaders (very happy with the result)... but I've no UV map and nothing in texture editor, that means nothing interesting for export, only mesh. Did I miss something? What is the workflow to use my Sculpt object in my 3D software, without assigning again all the shaders? Thanks for your help. Phil