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  1. Yeah, i can confirm this issue is gone by 4.8.15, the problem seems to only exist on 4.7.36+ all the way up to 4.8.10, i'm just gonna keep working on 4.7.09 for a while, ill retry the newer versions later on, thanks for your replies.
  2. I don't believe that its tied to the Alpha channel inside PNG files, here's an example of how im used to work with CTRL+LMB on a layer this is the result i expected: I followed the exact same steps as i did in 4.8.10, but this Screenshot is from 4.7.06 and it works as intended, im unsure if this is an issue already noted or in the way to fixed, thanks for your replies.
  3. Hi there, as of version 4.8+ i've had a very annoying issue that has made me go back to 4.7, as you can see transparency selection Only respects "Brush strokes transparency" not material transparency: Weirdly enough this works as it should in 4.7 or something, this is very important to the way i use the software as i use it to create "Speckle" or "Noise" to add rust, dirt and saves a lot of time. greatly improving my painting time. Is there any features added that i need to activate to be able to use this software the way i did before? any major changes? or is it a bug that is being worked on?, Thank you.
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