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    Eraser Opacity Tablet Pressure

    Yes! Thank you!
  2. tantangula

    Eraser Opacity Tablet Pressure

    That's the button I'm missing on the eraser tool in 3DCoat. Is that what the options for your eraser tool look like? I have got to be missing something simple. I also don't have an eraser nub on my stylus, so I'm using the pen tip for both erasing and painting. I switch between each by clicking the icon.
  3. tantangula

    Eraser Opacity Tablet Pressure

    I haven't set up the tablet yet, but 3DCoat is the first program I'm trying to use with it. I just want the eraser to erase at a fixed transparency like I was clicking with the mouse. Right now, if I click with the mouse, it will erase 100% of the painted area, but when I try to erase using the wacom stylus, its transparency is mapped to pen pressure. So when I just use normal pen pressure only part of the painted area is erased. Are you saying that has something to do with my tablet settings?
  4. tantangula

    Eraser Opacity Tablet Pressure

    Hi, I started using 3DCoat this month, and I just plugged in my Wacom tablet today to start texturing. I have figured out most of the tablet settings, but I can't find out how to turn tablet pressure off for the eraser opacity. There's usually a little brush icon that you can click to turn off tablet pressure influencing certain properties of a brush stroke. Has anyone else figured this out? Thanks