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  1. You are a life saver. This is exactly what I needed THANK YOU!!!! <3
  2. Your sentence seems incomplete. Do you mean paint on the flat texture instead of 3D painting? Impossible for this area. The way the hand UV connects is the reason why I have to paint in 3d mode. Otherwise I will get seams.
  3. I am texturing a hand model and ran into an issue. Is there a way to hide parts of the mesh so I can paint in small crevices? I want to paint the inside of the fingers, but the other fingers block my view.
  4. Zchu

    Object List, UV Edge Seam

    Thank you for letting me know. Hope it is something we get in the future.
  5. Zchu

    Object List, UV Edge Seam

    Update: (Sorry for double post, could not edit original) I found solution for question 1. I object list was under Windows>Popups> Paint Objects. And while you can not select an object to paint, you can lock all the other objects and only leave the one unlocked you want to edit. A bit odd, but it works.
  6. Hi everyone. Looking to purchase 3dcoat soon since my trial ran out. However there are a few things I was not able to figure out when using, nor could i find an answer when searching on these topics. 1) Where is the Object list? And can you select objects to be painted? I do this with Mudbox right now. There is an object list and you select which object in a mesh you want to paint, or select multiple objects to paint on all of them. I wanted a similar function in 3d coat. For example this head mesh I am working on has 3 seperate objects in it, head, lashes and eyeballs. If i wanted to just paint on the eyeball I could select only that from the object list as shown below: If I wanted to paint on all the objects at once (usually to fix seams, ect) I can select them all like this: 2) Painting on UV edge without seams. This is something I recently discovered in substance painted and was wondering if it was possible in 3d coat. Basically when painting in the UV islands you have the option of having it where when you paint near an edge it will also paint to corresponding UV island it connects to without seams. Here is an example, since it is hard to explain: Thanks everyone!
  7. Hello! I am on the last 3 days of my 3dcoat trial (which unfortunately I only just started using a few days ago) and was really liking it, but ran into some trouble. First of all I can not figure out how to apply the Spline Images. I am following the official 3dcoat youtube tutorial on painting. In the video he says to press "enter" to apply the image, yet for me nothing happens. The other issue I have is the horribly ugly paint strokes. With pen pressure activated it creates horrible shoe lace ends (a problem often seen on photoshop) Also the strokes themselves are just bumpy and not smooth. Here is an example Thanks!