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  1. Question: My pipeline tool (larger content management system) is acting as an "App" with AppLink. Which lets me send assets to 3DCoat for work to be done, and to then pick up the results and file them away again. Which relieves users of the responsibility of adhering to complex naming conventions and file system structure. Which is great. But I seem to be limited to obj, fbx etc. Ideally I'd have my system pushing assets in this way, and retrieving work products this way. And that works. However, I'd also like to be able to manage their working files, which would be "3b" files. I noticed you added the [3b] import mode for opening 3b files directly via the applink. Which is great. And solves half the problem. I was wondering if there is an equivalent way to "export" or "save" files to 3b via the AppLink, rather than the various export formats. I had thought originally that if I specified a file with a "3b" extension on the second line it might be smart enough to execute a "save" rather than a "export." But it doesn't seem to work that way. I wanted to check if there's a simple way to do what I'm looking for, that I'm overlooking. Otherwise I'm likely to go a much heavier route, via the scripting engine, to see what I can come up with. Which I'd like to avoid if possible. The AppLink is so very close to handling everything I need. Thanks. -brad