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  1. pickers

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    set it 50x or more.
  2. pickers

    UV Symmetry

    any examples?
  3. pickers

    Retopo tools question

  4. pickers

    Retopo tools question

    retopo room>>quads >> edge extrusion method = any others except "2click method".
  5. pickers

    Unreal Engine 5 revealed

    No unreal devs have the tools yet...... :-( Was looking at chaos cloth, to replace the awful nvcloth. I chuckled when they said "you dont need normals". You just need billions and trillions of polygons on screen!
  6. pickers

    retopo via decimate

    OMG! so much difference from the earlier versions. Now i can be lazy from 4.9.42 onwards ! Only 522 triangles. The other methods are finding hard to achieve the edges under 1k.
  7. pickers

    sliding edges to join the vertices

    Thanks for the tip. I was trying out the suggestion and discovered a holy grail. So obvious that it eluded me. It was delete edges.
  8. pickers

    Fill Tool With Vertex Painting

    the shading looks weird in sculpt room. Inverted normals? Does selecting the different shader in sculpt room help?
  9. Hi, Is there a way to join all vertices of two lines of edges together? Without the painful method of moving each vertices to merge them? Currently i am using edge select to move the yellow line to the red line. But the vertices dont merge together.
  10. Normally i would paint in certain "colors" in color only mode to the obj parts in the viewport. Then look for the colors in the texture editor to flood fill them. I do hope for an improvement in the flood fill UV islands only option. That would make life easier.
  11. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Z-up option in preference went missing?
  12. Thanks for that neat trick. However, the direction of the texture mapping by cube mapping(triplanar) is not suitable for my model. Any other tips that you know of that could be useful?
  13. How to stencil the entire surface evenly (extrude method)? i have tried the 3d closed spline (stroke mode) and closed spline(stroke mode). But both gave weird results. i have tried the constant pressure stroke mode, it looks better but it has the "edges" from the brush.
  14. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Noticed that these werent implemented since 4.8.40. Can we have improvements of the following? 1) pose tool to respect varying brush size of line based stroke modes(closed spline, vertex line...) 2) other draw tools (extrude, build....) to respect the varying depths of the line(closed spline, vertex line.......)
  15. pickers

    SLOW move tool and smoothing.

    I have the exact same spec and the same problem. I got away with such issues by making my models very small(less demanding) which is another cause for concern in 3d coat as well.