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  1. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    The symmetry side is going from left to right and back again. Flipping sides over and over again in retopo room. version 4.09.15 .
  2. pickers

    [Solved] And in this corner ...

    Click on
  3. pickers

    UV room - copying and pasting

    Hi, I have tried the latest BF4 version but the results are the same.
  4. pickers

    UV room - copying and pasting

    Does anyone have any issue with baking results from overlapping UV islands? Is there any proper method of doing so?
  5. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    4.9.10 Smart material editor window is hard fixed, making viewing changes to paint objs difficult.
  6. pickers

    What Are You Working On ?

    Not an artist, so tried to make an icon for a book with pseudo painterly look by making a 3d model. Not the best approach i supposed.
  7. pickers

    how to export retopo

    Select all the faces and export selected.
  8. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    .9.09 1) stencil issue as seen in the pic. Please ignore this. Stencil :: modulate will resolve this. 2) still cant drag the obj to model folder in sculpt room or drag retopo obj to rtpmodels folder in retopo room. 3) shape lasso tools is still missing for voxel mode. 4) Symmetry for radial symmetry in retopo room is still misbehaving (flat hex or cube). Works fine for xyz symmetry (cube). Didnt try for radial mirror.
  9. pickers

    UV broken

    This is how i would usually solved it : 1) mark seam >> select the problematic islands in the UV map 2) Select>>GU (or any specific unwrap method) I had an obj with these issues but need to GU a couple of times in order to get the proper UV mapped shape. Cant be sure what caused these issues.
  10. pickers

    Baking Normal, AO .. to a single Base color texture

    Basic blending wouldnt work for normals. Maybe for AO. It gave me an idea to try it out in Substance designer. Thanks for the help.
  11. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    4.9.06A 1) Selecting edges in retopo room on selected edges = shift+control = nothing happens. 2) radial symmetry 6 sides in retopo room didnt work well. Using move for one vertex should effect move for all 6 side vertices but it acted weird. 3) in sculpt room & retopo room, trying to shift "sculpt obj to model folder(sculpt room)" or "retopo obj to rtpmodels(retopo room)" didnt work.
  12. pickers

    Baking Normal, AO .. to a single Base color texture

    Thanks for helping. I think i will give this a pass. I cant find any useful information for merging PSD layered file in Clip studio pro.
  13. Hi, Is it possible for 3d coat to bake all the normals, AO and base color whats not into a single color texture? Either in sculpt room (export depth Y) or UV map based in the paint room. Similar to what you get from a direct print screen of the scene WYSIWYG. This is not about texture packing into individual RGBA channels.
  14. pickers

    How to bake Curvature and AO

    After baking "normals" in retopo room, goto paint room. uncheck view>> show voxel in paint room. textures >> calculate curvature textures>> calculate occlusion
  15. I cant change the depth option when smart material is selected. Only Blend is selected. I have managed to solve the issue by chancing upon the "layer blending" tab. Thanks for the help.