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  1. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Noticed that these werent implemented since 4.8.40. Can we have improvements of the following? 1) pose tool to respect varying brush size of line based stroke modes(closed spline, vertex line...) 2) other draw tools (extrude, build....) to respect the varying depths of the line(closed spline, vertex line.......)
  2. pickers

    SLOW move tool and smoothing.

    I have the exact same spec and the same problem. I got away with such issues by making my models very small(less demanding) which is another cause for concern in 3d coat as well.
  3. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Was playing with proxy slider in 4.9.34. Noticed that proxy slider is primary used for display high poly objs in the scene without stressing too much on the memory component. However, can the high poly obj be used instead of the proxy obj during retopo baking automatically?
  4. pickers

    Change color for cut off tool

    Is there a way to change the color of the cut off tool, the thickness of the line or size of the connecting circle? It is very hard for me to see in normal situation. I cant seem to find the option in preference.
  5. pickers

    Transform Tool for Paint

    i had a go on the tool which i have not tried before. 1) transform/copy tool 2) box select the image on the layer in which the image resides. 3) go to a new empty layer and move the image to another 3d location. 4) press "enter". However, there seems have image degradation from the original.
  6. Looks fine to be used as props in drawings. In fact awesome in your hands. Probably Moi3d is not a good option for cad or games. Was excited when i saw your imported 3dc mesh to moi3D and thought it would solve the "instant" retopo for meshes. But non welded vertices is going to be an issue at least for me. It could be even usable in movie animation for simple motion objects like spaceships or asteriods.
  7. pickers

    Autotopo : why so horrible result ?

    Automap unwrap?
  8. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    When using r-fill in retopo room, it doesnt connect/join all neighboring vertices. btw, did something happen to 4.9.30 onwards? the points/faces tool (retopo room) seems to went back to old problematic ways again. Very very difficult to locate the empty space to toggle the faces. 4.9.29 didnt seem to exhibit the issues. Maybe it was placebo effect? Can someone else try to see if there was a difference.
  9. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Can we have some improvement to the smart material editor like having a separate pop up for showing the material full path? Most full paths are simply too long to be included in the display. Makes it hard to relink the textures if there are any changes to the hdd drives arrangement or changes to the folders.
  10. pickers

    Smoothing Raised Strokes

    Painted depth in paint room? Height adjustment tool should do the trick.
  11. pickers

    Lattice structures

    My rudimentary idea... maybe this way? 1) create the base mesh shape. 2) duplicate the mesh shape and stenciling the lattice design on to a mesh or import>>model>>on brush, then do stamping. 3) have the base mesh shape enlarged and get lattice designed mesh shape to subtract it.
  12. pickers

    [Solved] Add radius to hard edge

    there is a fillet option before you hit apply subtraction from a cube.
  13. pickers

    Autotopo : why so horrible result ?

    With hundreds/thousands of 30k "low poly" animating in the background, your system will take a serious beating. At the current state of autopo, even though it was better than before, is not good enough as a one click solution for retopo. A lot of massaging is still required.
  14. pickers

    Keep local axis on object creation?

    You are right! The local space doesnt work (4.9.28). If i am not wrong, the local space alignment should be based similarly to "main axis in transform". The general case is pretty hard to get it correctly aligned.
  15. pickers

    Pose tool with curve ?

    This is awesome!