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    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I have downloaded the newest 4.9.05 but it faced the same issue. The face selection, after deletion of that face, would automatically be changed to edge selection. I cant find any settings to turn this off.
  2. pickers

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    20.07.2019 4.8.44 - Deleting selected faces in retopo room leads to boundary edges selection. How do i turn off the above feature?
  3. pickers

    Merging Symmetric UVs

    symmetry as in left is the same to right? Try and see if the following helps : 1) delete the other half side, 2) seam and unwrap 3) select all faces 4) enable symmetry (select Y if your object is facing X red) 5) " move selected face to current layer " icon (at the bottom of the retopo room near the trash can icon) 6) bake
  4. pickers

    Touch screen as pen

    Hi, I just bought a laptop with touch screen. I was wondering how to use the touch screen as a pen input to sculpt in 3d coat. Right now, i could only move the view in 3d space but couldnt "single finger" or "capacitive pen" sculpt on the object via the laptop touch screen. I have tried win-tab and tabletPC for tablet interface (preference), it doesnt seem to do anything. Can someone advise me on this?
  5. pickers

    Join mesh parts before import?

    Generally i would have them as separate objects in the sculpt room, retopo them individually then bake them once (names correspondence with baking). Makes flood painting (smart material) easier. In short, speedier process for me.
  6. Oops sorry. Didnt notice this thread was under 3DCoat AppLinks testing.
  7. You can add texture and select that RGB dropdown as displacement.
  8. i have substance designer for the hope of creating procedural texture. But it brings more pain than satisfaction in creating texture in terms of time and effort just to create one. Not to mention the time invested in learning. It has its own quirks as well. Now i just use it for creating seamless textures or converting normal/height etc. I hope more love can be given for 3x3 tiling (similar to procedural textures). Where models can be dropped to the parent folder and it will auto propagate to the rest of the 8 tiles. We just have to color flood the models individual without the need to hand painting. And another would be seamless sculpting across the tiles. I had managed some trickery to get it to work somehow, but proper solution should come from 3d coat.
  9. pickers

    Tips for making a Katana?

    To make the tip of the blade thinner than the rest of the body, you could "pose" it then scale the side.
  10. That looked pretty awesome workaround. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Hi, I have noticed since a while back that cube mapping is not entirely smooth with texturing especially with the directional corners. How do i circumvent such issue?
  12. pickers

    Copy paste for correct orientation in Retopo room

    both were turned off.
  13. pickers

    Copy paste for correct orientation in Retopo room

    Transform tool in the retopo room for the retopo workspace? Can this be done within the UV map? In some cases, it could be A) a more complex retopo shapes (both same odd shapes and "transform" might not fit it correctly) and/or in different retopo shapes (with similar same vertices count) but using the same texture UV mapping. See the image provided. i have tried using rotate UV and flip U/V, they do work well but the orientation will not stay sticky and revert back to the original orientation when copying and pasting or other functions were used.
  14. Hi, How do i copy and paste correctly for the orientation in retopo room? These are four legs that i have pasted together. But one of them seems to go in wrong direction regardless of how i rotate the offending UV and pasting it. So how can i do it correctly to ensure proper orientation?
  15. pickers

    Reptopo Quads issue

    Normally if i have such issues i would go to the sculpt room, do a cut off at the obj and undo the changes. Then back to the retopo room to try again.