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  1. retopo room>> - "select all faces of this layer" command in the bottom right - F3 (to select edges) - Selected >> Clear sharp (left panel)
  2. Sorry to misread your question. I have tried using Fill (gradient) with black and white for top to bottom, and attempting to use that layer (white top and black bottom) as a clip mask for another layer (which will use smart material for the peaks and cracks), but cant seem to work with that approach. Sorry!
  3. If the curvature can bake them down, the smart material would be able to make sense of it.
  4. pickers

    Symmetry across Voxtree Layers

    @zeeawk i could be wrong but zbrush cant do local symmetry.
  5. pickers

    Black Friday Amateur

    Hope my simple math didnt fail me. If this "rent to own" (one year) is lower than the upgrade price for the frequency of the upgrades (if that is higher than the usual version 3-4 or 4 to 2021), it makes no economical sense for upgrade price for current users.
  6. Cheat code enabled. i think ctrl or shift worked the same. DIdnt know such feature existed.
  7. Very interesting. I did some tests on this as i have never used the ' 'More on dent' / 'More on bumped' as that settings have always eluded me. What works.... you need to have painted depth on that layer in paint room and use THAT SAME LAYER for the ' 'More on dent' / 'More on bumped' '. Hope that helps! That three lines are on different layer from the brick layer(lower left). The protruding squarish obj is actual low poly geometry. The yellow dot on it was due to depth painted on it and i followed it with a non depth brush settings, which correctly captured it. Yellow is more on bump, cyan is more on dent.
  8. The problem is with zbrush. you need to flip the texture or something.
  9. I am having difficulty in getting it to work. It will fill the entire surface for the sculpt object. Fill angle worked fine for the unwrapped though.
  10. Is there a way to prevent sculpt brush from affecting the other corner of the mesh? Let's say that i have an edge about 90 or 135 degrees, when i am sculpting on one side, i want to prevent the sculpt brush from affecting the other.
  11. i havent seen an island pinning function before. Maybe a good time to put up a feature request? : -)
  12. If you want to pack some of the islands in certain location in the UV map, With Mark seam selected, - Select the islands in UV map - Commands>> UV settings try with different the Min MAX U and Min Max V settings. - you can move the islands out of the default square first when managing the islands. Is that what you are asking?
  13. pickers

    [Feature] Intelligent brush masking ?

    i hope some functionality of angled surface approach for brush can also be considered. Whether for Freezing (masking) or brushing.
  14. pickers

    Fast Boolean

    While the intersecting primitive is still in the "ghost" stage, change the add to subtract in the tool options before hitting apply. That is still light speed faster than zbrush. edit : And without errors.
  15. pickers

    [Solved] Pinch brush along curve

    - pinch brush - "Close spline" stroke mode, add curve points along the edges - Curve(main menu)>>apply curve.