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    Assigning new hotkey to brush radius slider?

    Bumping this up
  2. HoustonSharp

    Assigning new hotkey to brush radius slider?

    Hey thanks, I was able to get the navigation controls to how i like them, replacing the brush radius and depth RMB command. But now i'm trying to assign that radius/depth thing to another keyboard command (shift+alt+RMB, since that's what my secondary Stylus button is mapped to). In that same menu you mentioned, i assigned "start tweak radius and depth"" to shift+alt+RMB like I wanted, but when i perform the action it still just moves around screen space. I've looked through that menu to see if "move in screenspace" is still assigned to shiftaltRMB, but it isnt. I have no idea why it's still performing that when I press my button. Any ideas?
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to take the RMB brush radius and depth slider, and assign it to something else (i want to use RMB for my rotate navigation, like in ZBrush). Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!