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    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    That worked...thank you.
  2. jfharper

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    I'm on a new PC build, reinstalled max 2016 and coat 4.8.15D and applink v2.1, was able to export a mesh from max to 3d coat, and paint it, but the Export To menu item under File is missing. I think I saw this before but cannot remember how I fixed it...maybe something in the applink settings in max. Can someone offer a suggestion to try?
  3. I read about the floating license, but I'm not quite understanding it. If I have 3 computers and want run 3d Coat at the same time on each, will one floating license allow this? Also, is it possible to upgrade a professional license to a floating paying only the difference between the two?
  4. jfharper

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    The input button would not work in 3ds max 2016. I fixed by locating the export.txt file in a different exchange folder and copying it to the chosen exchange folder (3ds max 2016) for my version of 3d coat and now the input button in max finds the obj export from ed coat. Hope this helps. for v1.8c
  5. Will only work in real time when I'm in Transform mode in sculpt room. If in Quick Pick mode and I drag the intensity icon, I do not see the intensity change until I click in the viewport and rotate/scale/pan the view. Is this by design or perhaps I have a video card driver issue. Working in DX mode. TIA
  6. jfharper

    Can't find pivot tools?

    nvm, just realized I hadn't hit apply to my primitive yet...mod you can delete this post.
  7. jfharper

    Can't find pivot tools?

    I'm going through a tutorials series from pluralsite with version 4.5, but the pivot tools have been changed. I checked the documentation but cannot find them. Can someone point me in the right directions? These would be moving the transform to re-align the primitive's pivot. TIA