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  1. Erza86

    Retopo mesh problem

  2. Erza86

    Retopo mesh problem

    nothing happen, the mesh still visible in any direction, but z bias help to reduce the visibility of the mesh, and where is geometry menu? i can't find it also does near plane modulator value can be above 2? thanks edit* it was auto scale button from tool menu after import model from zbrush, everything looks fine, i think when i press auto scale it will change the size of the model, but no, the size is remain same, i export the model after pressing auto scale back to zbrush and the size is not changing, the retopo mesh looks fine, the camera clipping also looks fine still clipping but no problem. so my question is, the scale that tool option mention, what exactly the meaning? is it change the scale of the model or something else? like if 1 meter in blender and after i press auto scale, does it change into 10 meter? or not? if not what scale(in tool option) do for? thanks
  3. Erza86

    Retopo mesh problem

    hi 3d Coat, i have a problem with new 3dcoat 4.9.03, now when i retopo an object with orthographic camera, the zoom in tool now limited to specific range and making retopo process become hard, and if switch to perspective, the retopo mesh vanished if i zoom in to specific range, i almost not able to finish the job. And the retopo mesh is visible from the back and i can saw it from the back of the mesh my old 3dcoat which is 4.8.20 version is still okay and never have this problem, but i need the new tool from the latest version, is there a way to fix this, my friends said, the problem happen when the object is too small, but this is the default size from zbrush and blender, i can't change the size and i won't resize the mesh 3 to 6 times. thank you
  4. Erza86

    3dcoat license

    Hello 3dcoat, i recently bought a laptop, and want to install 3d coat on my laptop, do i have to uninstall 3d coat on my pc, or disable 3dcoat user account on my pc, or i can use both on my pc and my laptop, but not active the program on both device, and i use 3dcoat steam version, what should i do? thank you
  5. Hi 3d coat, a bug on version 4.8.33, the panorama button and render button both are overlapping, causing panorama unclickable, just like the image i give to you, and i was accidently to set camera - background - environment map - select temp.exr causing the object turn black and there is more, the main light button (light bulb) now disappear i want to set all set to default, how to do it? thanks
  6. Erza86

    [Solved] Render result is weird

    Thank You, i have found the problem, at the "add light" tab (render room) i have to uncheck "No Shadow", but i don't know why the shadow behave like that, but thank God the problem is solved by the way, 3d coat already at 4.8.33? my steam version still at 4.8.20 anyway, thanks for the help Thanks
  7. Erza86

    [Solved] Render result is weird

    The high poly mesh already hidden, and no other mesh is visible except from retopo result in the retopo room, may be its a bug or something, its like the light not able to move, but when i change the light position there is a slightly change but the darker area still like that
  8. Erza86

    [Solved] Render result is weird

    Nothing happen, the high poly mesh looks ok on render room,
  9. Hi 3D coat master, i have a 3d model of bag the procces of retopo,uv,baking,texturing done in 3dc everything looks ok and no problem at all, but when i go to render room and try to render it the result is weird, suddenly all the model turn black except the edge, i already tried to change the light position but nothing is change, am i making a fatal mistake? Thank You
  10. Erza86

    [Solved] Help, Uv pipeline

    wow thanks, this really helpful
  11. Helo 3D coat, i confused with the pipeline of 3dcoat uv - baking - paint currently i worked on modeling a truck, the entire modelling procces finished on 3dsmax, and i tried to make the uv on 3dcoat(it was easier on 3dcoat) short story i finished the uv procces and don't know how to do next, usually i use 3dcoat pipeline from sculpt-retopo-uv-bake-paint but this pipeline i totally blank, once i tried to export the mesh to substance painter, and the uv set is not saved i wonder if "apply uv set" button will do the work and what is next to export my mesh with the uv already using my set and if i decided to paint on 3dcoat, can i bake the mesh without high res mesh, only work on lowpoly mesh i am sorry if i use substance paint, my colleague force me to use it, so i can use both 3dc and subspaint Thank You
  12. Erza86

    Any UV stretch tips?

    Here is a pic of the face character and its UV i don't use automap, i just use simple tool like "mark seams and edge loops" you can see from the uv color, the red and blue for stretched texture, the texture checker on the area of neck, left and right head are completely stretched i know when i put skin texture, the stretch is slightly visible and not a big problem but that case only work if the texture only plain skin and not other but if i put something, example a tatoo sometimes or usually the result is jagged or stretched (but not that much) i found a way to fix this to make the uv color almost grey with very very little red and blue, i just put a lot seams and give no wasting space on UV preview, but i feel the solution is not elegant for 3D artist its like forced idea with today workflow (painting texture directly on the mesh with 3d coat or substance painter) i think that is not a big problem, but if using yesterday workflow like using 3dsmax or maya my way to fix stretched texture would be hellish, since those software paint the texture with photoshop while the mesh is unwarped, imagine if there is too much uv island and the location of the island is scramble over the uv preview. so if the uv island still have reasonable seams,size and location and can be re-edit with both method(today and yesterday workflow) my friend will say "that is a AAA UV Job and the client will smile and nothing more to say" sorry if i write it too much, i just faced hard experience thanks
  13. Erza86

    Any UV stretch tips?

    My friend decide to resign form that studio, because quality control from his supervisor is super tight, he work as texture artist, and have to check for stretched texture for many times. It because the studio has to maintain their credibility in the eyes of AAA client, so the employee has to work so hard. When there is non AAA client came, the employee rejoice and when AAA client came the employee suddenly have super anxiety So does the little stretched texture forgiven For most of us or only for AAA client?
  14. Erza86

    Any UV stretch tips?

    Hi 3D coat it's quite hard or hard to fix stretched uv on 3dc, red and blue means bad and grey is good when i saw tutor video on youtube, the mr tutor seems to be ignore the color of UV stretch or maybe he does not have a time to fix it while he gave a tutor on youtube my friend who work on AAA studio said stretched uvs are not tolarated even on the hidden part of the mesh So any tips? fix it on 3d coat? or all i need is patience and dedication just like usual? Thanks
  15. Thanks Carlosan, this will help