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  1. Thank you, I understood why you need sometimes retopo room tool for the mesh in the Sculpting room.
  2. Rygaard, thank. I understand that in the Blender program you are working with a one mesh in Edit mode and Sculpt Mode. 3DCoat has a different ideology and I do not understand why it is necessary to choose individual edges or faces in digital clay. I understand that you need to create separate regions of vertices of digital clay.
  3. In the case of programs like ZBrush, Mudbox and other programs ... The structure of the mesh they may be the same. And first you sculpt from clay and create a mesh with a million polygons. And then, on the basis of the 1st, you create a 2nd low-poly mesh. You have two mesh. You want to change the 1st mesh and the 2nd automatically must to change? For example: this is how the geometry changed in the CAD programs, the drawing changed.
  4. Gorbatovsky

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    Carlos, thank. We want to offer a variety of tools for 3DCoat users. Especially when you consider that I created them almost 20 years ago on the Silicon Graphics platform. We are discussing this with Andrew.
  5. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    Carlos, I'd spoke with Andrew about it. He said it was easier to do everything from scratch.
  6. Gorbatovsky

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    I understand that somebody users may not like the fact that new surface modeling functions complicate the workflow. There are 4 main methods of 3D modeling: Low Poly Free Surface Parametric solid Voxel Sculpting Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. And we can not create a golden bullet and combine, for example, Low Poly and Voxel Sculpting.
  7. Andrew is the chief architect of 3DCoat. And he will decide. I can only say my opinion. Mesh Retopo have more info then Mesh of Sculpt Room. If make one mesh work in 2 rooms of Retopo and Sculpt, then the data will occupy a huge amount of memory. I think that the mesh of the room Retopo needs to be develop, so that it is displayed whith smoothing. In addition, Andrew spoke about the need to make a more interactive mode of working with 2 Room mesh. Andrew still speaks out on this topic.
  8. Gorbatovsky

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    I think it's better to discuss the workflow here The workflow by using the Rooms - Important step for 3D-Coat. Let's discuss new surface modeling features here.
  9. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    Rygaard Thank you. Created new topic Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room
  10. Gorbatovsky

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    Dear friends! Let's discuss here the new surface modeling features that are available in build 4.8.35. How can I enable the curve tool functionalities? Edit->Preferences->Show beta tools. In the topic of Retopo - next big Step, we discussed the Future of the Retopo room. Thanks for the feedback. Let's make 3DCoat better together. For programmers, the challenge is not to spoil what works as you have been used to for many years. –°urve tool functionalities working in Sculpt Room at now. tokikake, in the next release, this will work in the Retopo room. Andrew said that we will make the best interaction between Sculpt Room and Retopo Room. We will add more primitives to the Retopo room. And the most important thing! There are 2 workflows in Retopo Room: - Retopo after Sculping - Modelling LowPoly. Perhaps you need to add another Modeling Room. To Modeling Room need to add some functionality from Retopo Room. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Swept surface is created from a profile curve that moves in space along the guide. If the Auto-orientation option is enabled, the Profile is located at each Guide curve point so that the Profile plane is perpendicular to the tangent vector at this Guide curve point. If the Auto-orientation option is enabled, then you can change the angle and offset dX, dY of the profile. Dx=-500 Dx= -500 Creating a surface of revolution Polyhedron Swept Surface 2 Two guide curve and one profile curve Swept Surface 3 One guide curve and Two profile curve Example of using Swept Surface N Gener Sword Goose Later we will add more user manual and video tutorials. Perhaps still need to add this feature - Kinematic Surface
  11. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    Haikalle, thank you.
  12. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    We are now thinking and discussing how to better create synergy and to add the best to 3DCoat from the Dom-3D.
  13. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    I think, than new future for curves will be added for retopo room also. In next release.
  14. Gorbatovsky

    Retopo - next big Step

    Pivot point using in Sculpt Room now. We will add this to Retopo at next Release.