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  1. Thanks for the answer. It was a temporary tool. I even removed it from my menu.
  2. Or maybe you have the wrong technology? First you need to make large shapes without details. The mesh can be large. After this, you can make the mesh finer and add details. But, after you have made small parts, you can no longer edit large shapes without losing details.
  3. Press Shift+RMB in the desired location. This will attach the gizmo to Vertx, Edge or Face. Attachment is independent of preselection and selection type ( Vertx, Edge or Face)
  4. We need to think about this. Thank you.
  5. No. Each modeling technology has its own tools. If you put everything in one room, there will be a lot of garbage. When there are a lot of tools, it makes work difficult.
  6. Good topic, but I don’t understand what engine we can use so that no one pays for it. Besides, I think it would be good for us to do at least a simple animation.
  7. Maybe today we'll do it. I wonder if this should be made optional.
  8. Bug fixed. We are waiting for suggestions to improve the 3DCoat. First of all, ease of use.
  9. Which features are seriously needed?
  10. Carlosan gave the link to the Forum The user manual can be viewed here. 3DCoat Python API Link available from Menu 3DCoat.
  11. In 3D Coat this is impossible. List Hotkeys can to seen only in XML file ..\Documents\3DCoat\UserPrefs\Preferences\Options_Hotkeys.xml
  12. the Select/Transform tool using only one Gizmo. Some tools allow you to scale relative to several local centers of mass. For selected regions faces. This tool is Smart Extrude and Scale.
  13. Yes. If you select multiple faces and then run the tool Select/Transform then the axis of the Gizmo will inited along the faces. The same thing happens when choosing edges
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