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  1. Thanks, I can already see the problem in the boolean operation.
  2. In the future, we will certainly refine this tool. And it's not just the curves. It is necessary to change the algorithm for constructing the kinematic surface.
  3. "Surface by 2 Views" is not enable in the Z-Up coordinate system. I'm sorry.
  4. Спасибо за сообщение. Привязку немного доработал. Нормали при снапинге ориентируются перпендикулярно экрану. Ждите 43 релиз.
  5. Thanks Don for the video. We will definitely do Gradient (Soft) Selection.
  6. This bug has already been fixed. Thank you. Wait 41 releases.
  7. Thank you, we are thinking about it. Please make a video about what is shown in the 1st and 3rd pictures
  8. Smart Extrude modified. Add possibility multiple selection if hold Shift.
  9. You don't have to switch to the selection tool for a new selection.
  10. Yes. This occurred because you made a selection. When tool Smart Extrude is active, the Selection option is enable only if no selection faces or edges.
  11. 1. I really have to hit 'enter' EVERY time I want to commit an extrude? In Smart extrude, You can use DblClick LBntMouse to commit an extrude . 2. -I cant seem to select multuiple faces easily. In Smart extrude, for free selected Face I use Hot Key Cntrl+D. If nothing selected you can select face by Rectangle mode; In Normal extrude selectin always enable. 3. After manipulating a face there is no quick way to deselect the face and select another face. In Smart extrude, for free selected Face I use Hot Key Cntrl+D. In Normal extrude selectin always enable. 4. In Smart extrude, you can also scaling (by Right button Mouse) and rotation, by hold Shift key. I'm preparing a little video.
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