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  1. GrzegorzWięcek

    Stretched texture on Smart Materials Cube projection

    I did a simple test. I imported 3 meshes form Blender to 3DCoat. 1/ 'flat shaded' cube 2/ 'smooth shaded' cube 3/ 'smooth shaded' cube but I add a bevel on the edges. When I try to Fill the layer using Smart Material's 'Cube Mapping' only second one (simple cube 'shaded smooth') having a texture stretching issue. So it means that It happens only when I try to texture shaded smooth .obj. Finally. When I use 'shaded flat' retopo mesh for bake, it become 'shaded smooth' after the bake in paint room by default. Is there a setting which will tell 3DCoat: use retopo 'flat shaded' mesh and preserve it's 'flat shade' after the bake?
  2. Hi, I noticed that my texture is stretched after 'Fill tool' using Smart Material's 'Cube Mapping' (attached image). 1/ I import flat shaded mesh from Blender to 3DCoat. It is my sculpt base mesh, and retopo mesh at once. 2/I did some basic sculpt using 'Flatten' brush. 3/I import the same .obj cube to retopo as for sculpting. 4/I did a bake normal map. And at first sight the look of the baked low poly mesh is OK, baked normal map is fine. But when I try to texture it by using Smart Material's 'Cube projection', Fill tool, the filled texture is stretched.
  3. GrzegorzWięcek

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    Thank you.
  4. I use 2.80 not 2.81. You suggest to try Blender 2.81?
  5. GrzegorzWięcek

    3DCoat 4.9 Open Beta testing thread

    Hello, I have an annoying issue with AUTOPO. 1/ Each time I try to use it my 3DCoat crashes ;/ 2/3DCoat doesn't recognize Instant Meshes add-on as default (look attached image). Does anyone has the same? I use 4.9.02 on OSX Thanks
  6. Hi again, I continue my topic. I started using Blender 2.8 but I still face difficulties with Applink. This error appears (look at attached image below). I can easly 'Send' object from Blender to 3DCoat but I can't 'Get back' from 3DCoat to Blender. Error ;/ Any tips?
  7. GrzegorzWięcek

    Anti-aliasing in real time

    It looks much better in Render Room after real time render. I attached image below as comparison
  8. GrzegorzWięcek

    Anti-aliasing in real time

    With default shader it looks similar, like there is Anti Aliasing turned off. IS it possible to turn it on?
  9. GrzegorzWięcek

    [Solved] 3DCoat crashes in UV room

    I've instaled version 4.9 after your advice and it works perfectly like never before There was only one thing that bothered me. After instalation and run 3D Coat (latest build 4.9.2), this pop up shows (look attached image). I had to type my serial number,to confirm my licence. I don"t have Foating Licence. I thought before, that I can upgrade only up to all 4.8 versions, not 4.9, but it seems like 4.9 is still availible for me to use under my actual licence... Anyway problem with UV's solved
  10. GrzegorzWięcek

    Anti-aliasing in real time

    Hi again, I was a little bussy last month, sorry. It looks like it doesn't matter, wchich mode is on, it looks the same in Surface mode as well as in Voxel mode. Looks very noisy, like no anti aliasing on ;/
  11. GrzegorzWięcek

    [Solved] 3DCoat crashes in UV room

    Hi, 3D Coat crashes in UV room, each time I I try to go there. I tried several times. I use 3D Coat version 4.8.37 on iMac. I tried to reinstal 3DCoat without success. I would like to download again some last of older 4.8 version. Is it possible? all advice apprecieted Screen Recording 2019-08-01 at 16.59.29.mov
  12. GrzegorzWięcek

    Anti-aliasing in real time

    Hello again, I found that anti aliasing doesn't work properly in real time preview? (look at attached image) Is there any tip on how to fix this, I mean to improve the quality of real time preview? maybe through preferences? or tweak something on my iMac's graphic card side? Thanks
  13. GrzegorzWięcek


  14. GrzegorzWięcek

    [Solved] Update 3D Coat requiry

    Thank you
  15. GrzegorzWięcek

    [Solved] Update 3D Coat requiry

    Hi, I consider update to latest 3D coat version on my iMac but before I'll do I need to know a few things. 1/ When I update, does it mean that I'll have to install latest version of 3D coat? so there I will have both? What worries me is that, I don't want to lose any data like: a/my own smart materials, b/shaders, and c/UI custom settings of the older version. 2/ Can I update on other device? For example, as a 3D artist I work on two devices, one with Windows 8.1 OS and second one with iMacOS. My 3D Coat license is for iMac. Can I have 3D coat on both devices? Kind Regards Thanks