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  1. smatthews1999

    retopo via decimate

    I tried this recently on an imported mesh. Works really well. Is it even documented?
  2. smatthews1999

    [Solved] Change user Folder - Win

    The UI weirdness never ends with 3D Coat. This should be in preferences.
  3. smatthews1999

    Vertices snapped at the wrong side of the model

    2020 and this is still a YUGE problem. The worst of it is that it works fine initially, and as you proceed with any brushing, snapping, etc. you will then realize that a large portion of your retopo has snapped to the other side. It makes a 2 hour job 4 hours. So sad this is still as broken AF.
  4. smatthews1999

    [Bug] Backface Culling and Ignore Backfacing in Retopo

    The problem here is that the retopo mesh vertices will at random snap to the inside of the mesh. It doesn't do this initially. At first it looks good... and then at some point .. you start to notice that random vertices have snapped to the INSIDE of the mesh instead of the outside. This is in the case of a thin mesh such as cloth. Any kind of brushing, snapping, relaxing will not dislodge the vert. You need to delete and recreate the polygon. I have tried all the suggestions here as well as all the snapping options to no avail. I guess the solution is never retopo anything thinner than a brick.
  5. smatthews1999

    Severe screen flicker in Sculpt and Retopo room

    Thanks for asking. At some point I was no longer able to reproduce the problem so I didn't send the file. If it happens again I will revisit. Sam
  6. smatthews1999

    [Solved] Channel packing textures for Unity LWRP

    Thanks for that. I came up with the same setup except that I used Roughness where you have Glossiness, and it seemed to look really good. I will try your setup.
  7. I wonder if anyone could offer some guidance regarding preparing textures for Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline. The materials in Unity consist of an Albedo, Normal, and a channel packed texture consisting of Metallic/Occlusion/Smoothness in the R/G and Alpha channel. No idea why the other 2 are skipped. Does this look like the correct approach? Thanks for any help.
  8. smatthews1999

    Severe screen flicker in Sculpt and Retopo room

    Yes I do have a 3DC device connected. I was able to export volumes into separate 3B files and the problem subsided. I was able to recreate the problem several times... In the Retopo room... once I started using Quads, then suddenly the shaking began and continued from that point on, no matter what tool or room I went in. I will send you the broken file. Thanks
  9. I'm having some sudden and really bad flickering. Simply moving over objects causes them to shake right off the screen. Any attempt to rotate the screen also causes shake. I have reset all settings, unplugged hardware, rebooted, tried GL vs. DX versions all with no changes. I opened some other older projects and did not experience this problem... so I don't think it's my setup. Please help! screen_flicker.mp4
  10. smatthews1999

    Various questions about new tools and more

    Could someone offer an explanation as how this tool differs from the traditional Curves tool? That one can attach splines as well.
  11. smatthews1999

    New Curves Beta

    I know this is all new, but if someone gets a chance to explain the intended purpose and functionality of this tool, I'm sure many people would benefit (including me). I have been toying with it and I've got to say I don't quite understand it. Below is an example. Left is a standard surface Pinch brush. Middle is a freehand closed Curve applied with the same Pinch brush. Right is an open Curve - same brush. I don't understand the results of the closed curve. Thanks.
  12. smatthews1999

    What tools are these?

    I recently stumbled across this toolset and can't find any docs/tutorials on how to use them. They are activated by selecting the Closed Spline pen tool. Anyone have some info? Thanks!
  13. smatthews1999

    VoxTree mesh is gone!

    Sent the file a while ago. This happened to me again after recreating several parts of the mesh. This time I was able to recover them by exporting the "invisible" mesh as a 3B file and then re-importing it again. Still no idea what could be happening.
  14. smatthews1999

    VoxTree mesh is gone!

    I updated them but no changes. I also tried turning off CUDA and running the "GL" version of 3D Coat. Oh well... thanks for your help.
  15. smatthews1999

    VoxTree mesh is gone!

    So just as a followup... I resigned to redo the missing parts of the mesh. I went into the same layer and added a Primitive. As soon as I applied, the "remnants" of my old mesh appeared. That ring and those boxes are part of the old mesh and have been merged with a new cylinder primitive. I know that makes ZERO sense but... the mesh is still there in some form, but is not showing itself.