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  1. Your example is the same as the one i have I've watched this before and followed the same steps, I'm using the latest Photoshop version from the Creative Cloud
  2. Applying that, then reopening the properties to see if it worked and it just applies the attribute read only again. Same with the whole documents folder.
  3. There isn't any files in that folder after running 3DC
  4. I will have to wait a few days before i can download then old version since I've capped my internet at home. Which folder to do you mean sorry!
  5. I haven't been able to yet. Still unable to write the file. Don't know what else to try.
  6. Oh! i see! i made that folder
  7. That related stuff appears to be in the Documents folder. c:\3dcoat_data\ doesn't exist. or in the drive where the install folder is
  8. Ohhh you were right! my bad, copy and pasted the text so it doubled. What needs to be in the text file? the directory it's attempting to write the temp file for Photoshop or something else?
  9. Yeah it is right, it just displays it on the side.
  10. I don't think i understand what your asking. I tried reinstalling 3D coat into another drive but that didn't work. It still tries to write to the documents folder.
  11. I tried using the command prompt to redirect writing the file elsewhere but the same error comes up trying the original directory still. I may not have done the link properly though.
  12. Is there a way to change where it writes the file?
  13. No worries! I had a look through google and these forums and couldn't find a similar issue either. Thanks for your time
  14. The app directory is fine and it opens Photoshop but not with the associated file. I'll try a few more approaches and if i can't fix it i'll send an email. Thanks!
  15. It was installed as Admin, I'll try the action with the anti virus turned off. It creates the folder but doesn't do anything with it i think. Edit: Still has the same issue with the anti virus turned off