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  1. Hey. Yeah, it's off. I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong with the scan depth. Otherwise I'm flumixed.
  2. Hi again. I have retopoed my human bodysuit model and baked it with normal maps. But the normal map has nothing on it. The tutorial says make sure the inner scan depth is not visible and the outer scan depth is completely visible. I have tried both from from .9 to 10. But no normals appear. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I make what I hope is a nice human form mesh for a bodysuit. Then I subdivide and all these polys get all weird. The green mesh is what I start out with before I subdivide. The tushie shot shows what happens after I subdivide. And the blue backshot shows what the mesh looks like when I turn off backface culling and hide the high res model.
  4. When I retopo a human shape with symmetry the polygons on the edge of the symmetry plane sometimes remain unconnected. This becomes a huge issue when I subdivide. Sometimes things get welded. Sometimes they don't. I'm being as careful as I can when approaching the symmetry plane with the add split tool. What am I doing wrong? In the first image I also have a problem with the tool itself. It snaps to another part of the topology and it's hard to tell when it does that or how to even see it. Please ignore that for this issue. I'm doing another post on that. It's a separate thing that makes me crazy. In the green pic I used the brush to split the topology which I couldn't do if the verts were actually connected (or the same vert). In 3D Max I'd use weld. Is there such a thing in Coat? Is there a better solution? Thanks in advance.
  5. I made a model in Fusion 360 with about fifty bodies. (Fusion is a semi CAD program designed for modeling...kinda). I mention this because modeling solids in Fusion produces awful topology. I mean, really really ugly tris with no uniformity at all and sixty point stars. Few if any ngons though. If I try to autotopo it, Coat freezes. Interesting workaround though. I open it for UV Mapping. Coat says that I should use auto mapping. So I do and I get a beautifully topologized map. Even the spheres and curves which have a particularly ugly topology out of fusion turn out super nice automatically. The UV seams are totally wrong but that's not an issue because of Coats excellent tools in the retopo room. The thing is, what the hell? Why is autotopo unable to do something that auto mapping does with ease and excellence. It doesn't even take that long. I have another issue in the SOS section that's related. If I import the file in Voxel mode or surface mode, Coat thinks my 3000ish polygon model has 300 MILLION polys. It freezes and crashes. And yet if I import through UV mapping, Coat has no problem. It seems like a mesh topology issue but it's trippy. ***** (Why the face). Coat is awesome but friggin weird sometimes. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the imports. I've watched the excellent tutorials. I'm changing the resolution and tried both surface and voxel mode. Nope. It freezes with Fusion 360 meshes. But importing through paint or UV mapping works like a charm. Then I just move it into another room. I mean, I'm not mad. I have this beautiful topology with the push of a button. I'm happy. But still guys, why are you making me crazy?
  6. I made a mesh in Fusion 360 and brought it into Cinema. Now I want to UV Map it in Coat. In Cinema it has about three thousand polygons. But when I import it into Coat it says it has 300 MILLION polygons. The program freezes and I can't UV map a relatively simple mesh. Sometimes it works but produces issues that seem to be related to normals. These issues do not occur in Cinema or 3D Max.
  7. andykarta

    Hard Surface Ickies

    I'm making a Klingon ship using hard surface modeling and the edges on my 1.2 million poly voxel are ick. These hard klingon alloy edges reminds me of tiny little paint splats up close. I'm just cutting and transforming primitives right now. And when I import to Max, it looks even worse. In max it reminds me of late stage ebola. I've tried smooth all. I tried in both voxel and surface. I've increased the resolution to five million polys. I've even tried using pinch though this model is supposed to be without serious sculpting. I was even thinking of doing a retopo but even then I'm afraid the splats and ebola will screw up my normals. I need that hard perfect edge. What am I doing wrong here?
  8. andykarta

    Textures too bright

    When I export my texture with the obj from the file menu it's way too bright. Even when I turn off all the other channels, no change. I then export the color texture through the texture menu and it's right. Why won't it export the same way when I export all the texture channels at once from the File menu? Are other channels getting ruined too? Should I just export every channel separately until this is fixed? Is it some arcane setting I'm not setting?
  9. andykarta

    Export Channels to Cinema 4d

    If you don't know the answer is just say so. No one will judge you. Making me watch forty minutes of video that doesn't answer my questions is just mean. This is the third post in a row where your answer has been worthless. I should go back to zbrush. The interface is harder but the community actually tries. Have a nice day, sir.
  10. andykarta

    Cant Import Substance Painter Textures

    I've been using Tif files cuz tga and png don't make thumbnails. I was at .03 for some reason. Updated now. Same thing happens. I only use the Textures Import menu. And again, the weirdness here is if I make a new photoshop file, even my favorite tif format, it works hunky dory. So something's happening under the hood. Could it be something with the proceedural alpha I'm using in SP. Just a shot in the dark but I applied only red paint and it imported fine. But the crazy stuff makes Coat say 'no way, no how'. In fact, it doesn't even say it. No error no nothing. And there is a UV map in case you're wondering.
  11. andykarta

    Export Channels to Cinema 4d

    What channels in Cinema 4d do I place metal and glossy files from 3DC? Is roughness bump? Does paint depth alter the mesh that is saved to the obj file or does the original mesh remain pristine until I apply the displacement map in Cinema. I've heard 'rumors' that you should export the mesh before you paint because the Obj file will record the displacement from the paint as part of the original topology. Say it ain't so. Should I use the diffuse or color channel in Cinema for the color map in Coat. Is there a best practices for exporting textures to Cinema? Assume standard renderer please. Will PBR paint work in Cinema using the built in Cinema renderers. I'm still deciding whether to buy Octane or Redshift so lets assume the Cinema renderer. If I want to use Octane or Redshift do I need to do anything to prepare in Coat before I transfer to Cinema? What about using Arnold in Maya? Any special things to deal with that I can't do in the Maya hypershade (or can do much better in Coat). If I plan to bake a new normal map is there a way to save the already painted layers or should I save them as textures and then apply the bake. I know there's a sculpture update tool but I'm probably doing something wrong cuz it doesn't work. (But that's another question for another day).
  12. I've made a set of textures in substance painter and want to import them into Coat. Coat doesn't seem to want to take them. It just does nothing. It doesn't even think about it or freeze. It's like it said, 'nope.' I can open the same textures in Cinema 4d and they look right. I'll then save it as an obj with the textures and try to open it in coat. And the obj opens and there's a new paint layer. But it seems blank and doesn't appear on either on the tex editor or the viewer. But then....I open the substance painter files in Photoshop and just create a new file of the same size (4K), paste in place, save as a tif (same format I saved originally though I've also tried jpeg) and it imports fine. But then I open up the same kind of file but one I made in Coat and it opens just fine even if the UV map is different. After the troubleshooting I've done, I believe the 3D Coat and Substance Painter are feuding. I really don't care about doing the extra step to get things workin. But this is totally out of left field and I want to know what's going on for when it becomes an issue since I plan to use both programs a lot.
  13. andykarta

    2k or 4k

    Wow, thanks, I guess.
  14. andykarta

    Hard Surface Modeling on Clothing

    I'd rather not have any displacement maps. I'll definitely have normal maps.
  15. andykarta

    2k or 4k

    I have arnold from Maya but I'm thinking of getting Octane or Redshift.